Episode 7

*Handa, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Looking at the Jinba Brace* I'm still wondering how this thing works...

Princess: I swiped it from the Darkness Kingdom. I saw what happened with Saga...I just want to say you're not weak. आप saved my life when I was younger.

Nick Wolfe: Terra...I...still प्यार you...

Princess: I प्यार आप too Wolfe...*Starts to make out with Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Begins to make out with Princess*

Garth: *Walks in, and sees them* I'll give आप some privacy...*Walks out*

*Darkness Kingdom*

Earl Kage: Why didn't Christoper finish Wolfe when he had the chance?

Lady Raven: Well, it was just a test run. I couldn't let him destroy Wolfe.

Earl Kage: *Laughs* I'll do it myself! You'll see! *Goes through a portal*

*Later, Handa, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking with Kate*

Earl Kage: *Appears* Well, well, well...it appears that Saga couldn't destroy you, so I will instead! *Charges at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: I got this! *Attaches the Jinba Brace to his left arm* Henshin! *Pushes the red button and becomes Samurai आग Wolfe*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *Has red and grey samurai armor, a grey भेड़िया mask, a Clear Arrow, and Clear Blade*

Earl Kage: आप can change forms all आप like, but it won't save you! *Pulls out a pair of Broadswords*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *Fires laser arrows at Earl Kage*

Earl Kage: *Gets hit* GAH! *Flies backwards onto a brick wall*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *Pulls out the Clear Blade and slashes Earl Kage*

Earl Kage: *Dodges*

Samurai आग Wolfe: *Slashes Earl Kage with the sharp edge of the Clear Arrow*

Earl Kage: *Jumps into the air*

Samurai आग Wolfe: Burning Volley! *Attaches the Jinba Brace to the Clear Arrow, pulls the string, and fires a large blast of burning energy at Earl Kage*

Earl Kage: *Destroyed*

Samurai आग Wolfe: Alright! *Does a v-sign and de-henshins*

Nick Wolfe: Kate, I did it!

Kate: *Nods* Eve and Winston would be so proud...

*Darkness Kingdom*

Lady Raven: It seems that we've लॉस्ट Earl Kage...oh well...

Duke Nero: I think I should be अगला to battle Nick Wolfe!

Christopher X: *Walks in* The emperor shall be arriving tomorrow.

Duke Nero: Really?! Everyone, get ready for the emperors arrival!