Episode 6

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christoper X: *Preparing*

Earl Kage: *Watching* This guy has the potential to defeat Wolfe...that vexes me...

Princess: *Dashes through, and grabs a brace with four different colored square buttons on it*

Earl Kage: Hey! Stop her!

Princess: *Jumps through a portal*

Christoper X: Don't worry. I'll destroy Wolfe before she can get to him.

*Toyohashi, Japan*

Water Wolfe: *Destroys a Dark Kaiju*

Lilly: *Sees a man in the background* Hey!

Christoper X: *Walks up to Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Sees Christoper X* Who are you?

Christopher X: Henshin! *Becomes Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Summons the Saga Judge*

Water Wolfe: What the-?!

Lilly: Woah!

Saga Wolfe: *Charges at Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Changes to Thunder Wolfe*

Thunder Wolfe: *Has yellow armor, a yellow भेड़िया mask, summons the Thunder Kunai*

Saga Wolfe: *Slashes Thunder Wolfe*

Thunder Wolfe: *Dodges and throws two Thunder Kunai at Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Gets hit, and electrocuted*

Thunder Wolfe: *Jumps* Lighting Storm! *Does a jump kick on Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Grabs Thunder Wolfe's leg and throws him*

Thunder Wolfe: *Hits a building* GAH!

Saga Wolfe: *Laughs* You're too weak to fight me!

Thunder Wolfe: I'm...not...weak...*Gets up and changes to आग Wolfe*

आग Wolfe: *Summons the Flame Blasters and fires at Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Dodges* True Gash! *Does a powerful स्लैश on आग Wolfe*

आग Wolfe: *Gets hit, de-henshins*

Saga Wolfe: *Laughs and disappears*

Nick Wolfe: *Tries to get up* I'm...too weak...

Lilly: Wolfe...*Gives him a hug* You're the bravest person I know

Garth: *Gives him a hug* You're strongest person I know.

Kate: *Gives him a hug* You're the kindest person I know.

Humphrey: *Gives him a hug* You're the funnest person I know.

Nick Wolfe: *Hugs back* Thank you...

Princess: *Comes through a portal* Wolfe, I can help.