Episode 5

*Okazaki, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Eating a स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी Mochi*

Kate: *Sits अगला to Nick Wolfe* Can I have one?

Humphrey: Me too please?

Nick Wolfe: Sure, why not *Gives them both a स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी Mochi*

Humphrey: *Chews it up and swallows it* Delicious!

Kate: *Chews it slowly, then swallows* Amazing!

Nick Wolfe: हे Kate, do आप remember the time I met that one wolf?

Kate: Which one?

Nick Wolfe: I think her name was Terra...

*Flashback, 8 Years ago, Between Jasper and Banff*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Scouting, and then notices something*

Hunters: *Beating a small, female भेड़िया pup*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Runs to the hunters* Hey! Stop that!

Hunter 1: Make us!

Hunter 2: Yeah, this stuff is legal द्वारा law!

Young Nick Wolfe: Legal this! Henshin! *Becomes Young आग Wolfe*

Young आग Wolfe: *Tosses the Hunter 1 into the distance*

Hunter 1: My leg!

Young आग Wolfe: *Gives Hunter 2 the evil eye*

Hunter 2: *Runs away*

Young आग Wolfe: *De-henshins*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Goes to the injured भेड़िया pup* Are आप okay?

भेड़िया Pup: I guess...*Tries to get up*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Picks her up* What's your name?

Wolfe Pup: My name is Terra. What's yours?

Young Nick Wolfe: Nick. Nick Wolfe.

Young Terra: It's nice to meet you, Nick.

*Later, Near Banff National Park*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Carrying Young Terra* Don't worry, I'll get आप घर soon.

Young Terra: Wolfe, what if those hunters come back?

Young Nick Wolfe: Then I'll kick their butts again.

Young Terra: Wolfe...you're really kind...I would be dead if आप didn't save me...*Gives Young Nick Wolfe a kiss*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Blushes a lot*

Young Terra: *Notices a sign* We're here.

Banff Wolves: *Walk up to Young Nick Wolfe and growl*

Young Terra: *Jumps down* This guy saved my life! Leave him alone!

Banff Wolves: *Head back*

Young Terra: *Stops* Wolfe, can we be mates when we're older?

Young Nick Wolfe: Yes *Walks over to Young Terra and gives her a kiss*

*Present Day, Jasper National Park

Princess: *Thinking* I need to help Wolfe! *Sees a portal and runs through it*