Episode 1

*Jasper Park, 17 years after those fateful events*

Nick Wolfe: *Log boarding, riding on both feed down a hill* Woohoo!

Humphrey: *Log boarding down the same hill* This is so much fun!

Kate: *Watching, rolls eyes* Boys...

Lilly: Still it looks like fun though...

Kate: Well, he is my big brother and a Beta. And it's still good that he's फ्रेंड्स with my hubby.

Lilly: He's also फ्रेंड्स with my hubby as well.

Nick Wolfe: *Lands on both feed* Ta-da! How was I?

Garth: *Watching* I give it a ten!

*Winston and Eve's Den*

Can-Do: I can't believe that adopted that thing...

Hutch: Can-Do...he's a working member of our pack. Not to mention Eve and Winston's son.

Can-Do: We'll see about that...

*That night*

Nick Wolfe: *Eating रात का खाना with Kate, Humphrey, Garth, and Lilly*

Lilly: So Garth, have आप ever log-boarded before?

Garth: No...I've been training for a good majority of my life to be an alpha.

Nick Wolfe: I guess being an Omega is all about fun. But fun is fun, right?

Humphrey: *Nods*

*Suddenly, screams are heard*

Nick Wolfe: *Ears perk up* That sounded like Eve and Winston!

Kate: We have to help them! *Starts to run towards the den*

Garth: *Follows*

Nick Wolfe: *Pulls out katana and follows*

*The Den*

Duke Nero: *Has the appearance of a Victorian Italian Aristocrat, but has a mask similar to a Gas Mask, but has head eyes and is all black*

Nick Wolfe: *Jumps at Duke Nero*

Duke Nero: *Dodges* Do not interfere human!

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes आग Wolfe, which has red light armor, a red भेड़िया mask, and a pair of red-fire blades*

आग Wolfe: आप won't harm my family! *Charges at Duke Nero*

Duke Nero: *Pulls out a Cane Blade* We shall see about that! *Charges at आग Wolfe*

आग Wolfe: *Jumps and gets into a jump-kick position* Burning Fury! *Does a finishing kick on Duke Nero*

Duke Nero: *Dodges* L'aumento Slash! *Slashes आग Wolfe with a burst of negative power*

आग Wolfe: GAH! *Lands on the ground, de-henshins back to Nick Wolfe*

Duke Nero: *Lands on both legs* Well, it seems that my plan has worked.

Nick Wolfe: What plan?!

Duke Nero: *Throws an unconscious Winston, Eve and Tony into a portal* My emperor wants आप all dead! He shall be revived with glorious rage! If आप want to stop us, you'll have to go to Japan! *Goes into the portal*

Nick Wolfe: NO! *Tries to get up*

*The portal disappears*

Kate: *Runs to Nick Wolfe* What happened?

Nick Wolfe: They took Eve, Winston, and Tony to Japan...