"-..they told me stay low, yknow away from the streets where noone could find me for the crimes that were commited, especially since technology had gotten upgraded from these generations its like they can do anything in this world. When will they notice that the और we create to build these warfare weapons and system the और people and जानवर struggle with such a pathetic society.
Homeless lives were shut down and forced to give up their homes for larger companies, til then the people i once knew and loved were gone. Rumors spread they were taken द्वारा government traps around the most common places such as the under grounds and streets and quickly killing them.. rumors are true, but not on the humans but us animals.. The living creation of future generation to help replace human life from wars and other life threatening situations they can't handle no more. What ever happened to a man's best friend, i sat on the porch as i looked straight upwards, where the society of high classes live above us: future cars, weapons, jobs.. everything was up there. Some humans make it big but some dont so we both live equally; even if a भेड़िया of my kind lives above they are greedy for what they have and won't cooperate to save helpless pups down here.. fucking bastards can rot in hell.
Midnight struck down, the worst time of all below. Rules are still followed down here but they were meant to be broken anyways. Thieves scatter among themselves to different house to steal what others have, even if they are घर they will either take या murder आप first. My wife Brittnie, a beautiful 5'4 foot of soft white angora फर with light blue eyes was a hard working girl who is saving up for our daughters medical payment. Our daughter haley, mixed with my long tail and noise and her mothers फर and eyes was diagnosed of being in a coma after a fall she survived from the concrete we one held memories of her being a famous dancer. Haley was 6 years old, now she's 10 and still in a coma as we await for her to wake up. Neither one of us could visit her cause of job searching and protecting the house from thieves and mainly throwing their corpses away. Once a thief steps in the law allows आप to kill the suspect before daytime या night.
The story of a small wasteland called isolation does not start.. the whole tragedy begins with 2 wolves, 1 panther, and a middle age old veteran man reunite..-"