It's clear to be now.
That some people simply don't enjoy the idea of my reviews.

And that's okay.
Not everyone has to like it. It's a free world, as the saying goes.
But I'm not saying I'm better then these people या anything, just expressing my thoughts of the story itself.

CGWolf, is a good friend of mine. And I can't help but involve his story in my series.

It's Humphrey X Lilly.
Differently the best one for it.
Kate या Garth aren't betrayed negatively in anyway.
In fact. They actually die at the beginning.
Kinda a depressing way to open up.
But it keeps it interesting at the same time.
I forget how they die.
But it's involving caribou (kinda ironically).
Like most of these stories, Kate's last words involve Humphrey needing to take care Lilly.

Not sexually.
Get your minds out of the gutter.

It starts off somewhat slow.
Humphrey and Lilly are always moaning about there loss's.
Till eventually they leave the park for several months या something.

Eventually Humohrey gets caught up in a brutal fight against some nut job.
I think he got injured in the leg या something.
But still the best part so far.
And there is a lot that still happens.
But I won't go though all of it.
This is a review. Not a plot summery.

Main point being.
I have nothing but respect towards this story.
Even with all the long sequels what I never read the third of.

This story has so many great things.
10/10 for me.

Well I'm busy. And that's all I got.
Till अगला time..