I'm sorry about the disppointment this may cause some people.
But this is the first time I have a GOOD review.

Witch means.

Less chances of one of my angry rants.
But that dosent meant I won't swear in this one, if I feel the need.


On to the story.

The idea for something like this is very much a great one.
And I am very much glad some one did it.

Lilly has always been. What can we say.
A 'noticable'.
Not only is she the only omega of her family.
But she is literary the only white भेड़िया of the whole pack (unless I missed some).

The thought that Winston and Eve aren't her real parents.
It actually makes a shit load of sence.

Reasonably, finally hearing this, effected her dramatically.
And she became at both her parents and her sister. For never telling her after all these years.
And joining her new anger she ends up knocking herself into a coma. DUMB BITCH! Haha. I'm joking. *pets Lilly*..


From here the story containues in the sequal. COMA.
And everybody uses flashback of certain moments of her life to try bringing her back to being conscience (it's और touching then आप think).

laughing) आप probably expect to do और references of my
(almost angry) Well I will!

In fact.
This somewhat reminds me of The गुलाबी Temptation.
When Pinkie reveals her back story to Mr Cake.

But anyway.
Eventually Lilly comes too.
And all becomes normal eventually.

That's all I got.

Please leave टिप्पणियाँ and suggestions.
Usual deal.