Sorry for the long wait आप guys. I was working on a bunch of projects for school that were due the same week. Also it's my birthday tomorrow :D Here's Chapter 25. Enjoy.

Runt's POV

The five of us just arrived at the Northern Pack as we Magril and Fleet talk with their friends. Magril turned around as she shouted hi to me and the others. "Hey guys," she yelled. The others turned to us and greeted us as they walked to us. "So where are we heading today," Fleet asked. "Well we were thinking of going to that cave we went the other day," Claudette answered. "Sounds good to us," Ed replied. Everyone else nodded their heads in agreement

"Hey Stinky," I heard Artemis say to my brother. "Oh hi Artemis," Stinky कहा a little nervous. I knew he was a bit anxious about his तारीख, दिनांक with Artemis tonight. "So y-you ready for our तारीख, दिनांक tonight," Stinky asked. "Of course. Why wouldn't I be," Artemis responded. "I'm sure we'll have a great time." Artemis began to nuzzle his chest with her head and he looked really nervous . "Good job Stinky, your तारीख, दिनांक with her hasn't happened yet and here आप two are already nuzzling," Claudette joked as we all chuckled a little. "Shut up Claudette," he seethed.

Artemis stopped after a while and my brother immediately dropped on the ground, panting heavily. "I guess I went a little overboard," Artemis stated. "Ya think," Agnes कहा in her usual sarcastic tone. Stinky got up and started to walk to the directions of the cave, but before any of us could even speak he कहा three words seriously, "NOT ANOTHER WORD." We immediately followed him. It probably be dumb to try to provoke him.

We headed to the forest which contained the entrance to the cave. The scenery hadn't changed at all after we first arrived there. I looked around and saw a bunch of तितलियों on a पेड़ branch. Some of them were golden, while others were blue and just one was black. I remembered one time when my mom कहा that तितलियों were her प्रिय animals. She liked how majestic they looked flapping their wings. They were really pretty I had to admit.

"Hey Magril do आप see those तितलियों over there," I asked my girlfriend. She turned her head around and was amazed at the colored butterflies. "Wow they look even और beautiful than the ones," she कहा as all the तितलियों flew away. "By the way Runt, I heard there might be fireflies at this time. Maybe we watch some," she asked (I'm perfectly aware that fireflies normally come out during the summer. Don't complain and read the fanfic). I never realized about fireflies, but that sounds like a good way to start our date. "Sure I like to watch them as well," I stated.

We continued to walk to the cave until we reached the entrance. It was still the same as expected. "Huh nothing really changed," Agnes commented. "Yeah. From what my grandparents told me, the cave still looks exactly the same as it for them years," I told them. Grandpa Winston's and Grandma Eve's विवरण from when they were young was practically the same as today.

"Wonder how that's even possible," Fleet wondered. "Well supposedly the cave's made of some rock that's practically indestructible," I said. "My grandparents कहा the material the cave was made out of could withstand any storm या weather." "Wow that's incredible," Brent said. "Didn't Grandma and Grandpa say they considered living here instead of their other den," Stinky asked. "Yeah they कहा that it was too far from the pack and from Mom and Dad," Claudette answered his question.

We continued to walk to the cave when we heard something हटाइए in the bushes. "What was that," Diana said. I was a little worried about what caused the rustling. A few सेकंड्स passed before I gathered up the courage to speak. "I'll go check out and see what's in the bush," I volunteered myself to check it out hoping it was an innocent animal. Once अगला to the bush, I opened it and saw a full-grown लोमड़ी, फॉक्स inside it. She immediately backed away in fear. "Please don't hurt me I need help," she pleaded. I noticed she talked in a British accent like Paddy.

We all looked at her with shock as we never expected to see लोमड़ी, फॉक्स beg for us. Normally they would try to steal खाना from us like coyotes (Not sure if foxes do that but whatever). "What do आप need help with," I heard Claudette ask. "It's my cubs," she answered. "They're horribly ill and I need फूल for them." "What kind of flower," I asked her. "Our pack has a lot of medicine आप can use." "Really oh thank आप so much." "Just follow us," I कहा as we all ran back to the Western Pack to see if my mom and dad can help the vixen. "Hey umm what's your name anyway," Stinky asked her. "Oh my apologizes dear, it's Celeste."

After awhile we arrived at my family's den, we saw parents talking with Uncles Garth, Salty, Shakey, Mooch and Aunts Lilly, Sweets, Janice and Candy. "Mom, Dad," I shouted. All ten of them turned as Dad, "Son what's the matter?" They turned their attentions to Celeste and were shocked. "Is that a fox," Uncle Mooch said. "Are आप two the Western Pack leaders," Celeste asked "Yes we are. Do आप need something," Mom said. "Yes I need a फूल for my children. They are near death," Celeste कहा distraught. "What kind of फूल do आप need," Dad asked her. "Trilliums," she answered. "Sweets, कैन्डी try to gather some of those फूल from the healing den," Mom told my aunts.

Since they were the pack healers, they knew pretty much everything about medicine. A few सेकंड्स later, both of them had a bunch of those trilliums in their mouths. "Okay just दिखाना us the way," Dad said. All twenty of us followed her as we ran through the forest. We then saw a मांद, डेन almost as big as our den. "There inside," Celeste said. "Okay kids stay outside so आप don't sick and Mooch and Garth stay with them so no other predator comes," Dad told us. Uncles Garth and Mooch nodded in agreement. The others went inside as the twelve of us stayed outside.

After awhile, my parents and the others came outside. "They're alright now," Aunt Sweets said. "Thank आप so much," Celeste said. "It was no problem at all," Mom said. "What happened to them," Agnes asked. "Well a week ago, I was gathering खाना for them when one of my cubs कहा that the water from a pond nearby tasted weird," Celeste said. "At first I thought nothing of it so I just told them to drink from somewhere else. Then after a while they became ill and I began to fear they would.. die." "Most likely some humans dump some chemicals into the river," Dad said. "Luckily the trillum was able to negate any effects the chemicals had."

"Again thank आप so much for your help," Celeste said. "If your pups and their फ्रेंड्स weren't at that झाड़ी, बुश I was in, my cubs wouldn't have survived." "It was no trouble honest," Mom told her. "Just let your cubs rest for a दिन या two and they should back to full health द्वारा this week." After we कहा our goodbyes, our left to go back घर to get ready for the Moonlight Howl tonight. "It was really lucky that आप pups were near your grandparent's dating cave at the same time as that fox," Uncle Garth told us. "Yeah. हे maybe later this week we can visit the cubs and see how they're doing," Stinky suggested. "I guess if Celeste doesn't mind," Dad said.

"I've never met any who British although Mr. Paddy," Claudette said. "Yeah. DO आप think she was brought like आप and me were brought to Idaho," Dad wondered. "Maybe. She might have been brought here from England," Kate said. We finally got घर as our parents told us to go inside and prepare. "We'll help आप guys if आप need assistance," Dad said. "Ok," The three of us कहा in unison. I couldn't imagine how tonight was going to turn out.

Okay so that was Chapter 25. Again sorry for the wait आप guys. I had to work on some end-of-the-year projects for school, luckily I have a week of school left. I can't wait for my birthday tomorrow. Funny enough I was born on the same दिन the Lion King first released in theaters. Well cya later.