So I don't know why I would read something द्वारा the same troll who wrote Lilly's Opposite Side and Tattered and Torn.

But, I guess, it's good having me tell people about it, so others don't read it (though आप probably will anyway).

But anyway.
There are three parts to this story.
And it's something I can't stand.
"lost episode".

What the fuck is up, with "lost episodes".
I mean. Take Discords लॉस्ट episode and Flim and Flam लॉस्ट episode.
What are they trying to do.
Make us believe it really happened.
I'll believe लॉस्ट episodes after believing "Slenderman".
I mean, if nobody saw him. Why is there a picture of him?
He's like The Ring. See it, आप die.
Only slenderman is stupider.


Nothing about Humphrey Loses It makes any sense whatsoever.

I mean. I'd believe him killing Lilly and her turtle, but setting her corpse on fire?
What. Are wolfs magicians now.
Are they gonna pull a rabbit out of there tail!?

It's stupid.

And what he dose to Kate is neither 'clean', या nesseary.
Death द्वारा sex.
How is that even possible?
Well. Probably lots of ways.
But whatever. Not here to fight about stuff like that.

Though, if were gonna be like that.
Trixie's Funhouse is kinda better.

I mean.
It's funny thinking that, Trixie finishes sex with killing the person with a chainsaw.
Guess she watched too much Ted Bundy documentaries, hahaha. (god, I need help).

Well anyway.

I'm sorry for the shortness of this review.
But as always.
Please leave reviews and possible suggestions for episode 5..