As night fell everybody was sitting around at the campfire some like Lily, Garth, Humphrey, Chloe, Roxy, and Eve were asleep while the rest were still awake saying what they miss.
A new member joined the group his name is Daryl who has a mix of grey and black फर color, he was found द्वारा walking द्वारा the Wall-Mart with a crossbow and now he's sitting अगला to Lily and Hutch. Hutch:" So Daryl where आप from?" Daryl:" you'll be surprised, I came from Georgia" Kate:" as in Georgia USA?" Daryl:"yes where else is there a damn Georgia?" saying with a redneck accent which he always has Hutch:" Son of a कुतिया, मतलबी that's a long away" Daryl:" No shit" Cando:" So I'm guessing America is fucked along with the rest of the world?" Daryl:" Yeah it's a hellhole but I don't know about places I haven't been to but I've been to states like Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and not one place was better then the last, so I'm guessing Canada is also fucked huh?" Kate:" आप are not wrong" Lily woke up and waked away Kate:" where आप going sis?" Lily:" Bathroom" as she walks off to the bathroom which was अगला to a weak looking दीवार and a Exit door Winston:" what do आप guys miss the most?" Kate:" hunting without care of zombies" Daryl:" ha ha my moonshine shed, and yes I used to make moonshine for भेड़िया don't judge hahaha" Hutch:" I miss howling without care but I miss manly is my sister, mom and dad" after he कहा that it got a little quite. Kate looked towards the bathroom where Lily went. Kate:" lily have been in there a long time now I'm going to check on her" when she walked towards the bathroom she notices the exit door was cracked open and it never opened before.
When Kate opened the door to the bathroom Kate:"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Hutch, Daryl, Garth, Cando, Lee and Humphrey ran to Kate to see whats wrong while Eve stayed with the pups to keep them from worrying when Hutch and the rest made it to Kate Hutch:" Kate whats- oh येशु Christ" there was about 5 zombies eating of who used to be Lily and they are eating of what looks like a pup that's not even grown enough to दिखाना that lily was pregnant Kate:"LILY NOO!! *cries* *sob*" Garth walked away with tears in hs eyes and went towards the exit to let it out and Humphrey was barfing behind them also when she screamed that some of the zombies noticed them and tried to get Kate but before that happened Lee shot it with his desert eagle, the rest of the zombies heard that and jumped for them but with Daryl's crossbow and Hutch's machete they got them before they got them and was all was left was a eaten up lily and a few dead zombies Kate:" *cries* *sob* Lily *sob* why?!, why her? *sob*".
As Garth was crying his eyes out the exit door swung wide open and horde of zombies got Garth down and started to open him up Garth:" AHH HELP Gluuuuggff" Hutch, Daryl, and Lee ran to sight Garth getting eating Hutch:" SHIT!" him and Daryl started to आग while Lee went to check on Eve and the pups and Cando stayed with Kate to protect her while Humphrey was still vomiting from the sight of lily. When Lee got to where Eve was Eve:" what's going on?" As she says that the boards and the remaining glass on the windows got busted down and another horde of zombies got in.
Lee:" GET TO ME NOW!" as he started to आग once Eve and the pups was clear. Cando came to assist Lee, Hutch got Kate with Daryl following and got to Lee and Cando, the zombies that came behind was starting to become shorter but the horde in the front was still coming. Humphrey got down vomiting and when he turned around there was a zombie about to chomp on him Humphrey:" OH SHIT!" as the zombie fell trying to get him and Humphrey gotten to Hutch and the rest.
As they were doing good there was zombie that was not seen and grabbed Eve then took a bit of her then got hit with Daryl's arrow. Hutch:" We're Fucked" as soon he कहा that there was a few explosions from the outside which gotten the horde's attention and went towards the explosion and when the zombies went to where the explosion was they got exploded Humphrey:" Who the hell is that?" Hutch:" life savers" as the explosion's were done and the horde of zombies was dead Kate fell to the floor a started to bawl her eyes out for Lily Garth, and now her mother.
There was a group of भेड़िया that ran towards them Wolf1 which who is a male and has the same फर color as Kate's Wolf1:"Are आप भेड़िया ok?" Hutch:" yes were fine thanks to आप but आप were to late for some" as he looks back at the back exit and the bathroom Wolf2 who is a female and same फर color as Lee's Wolf2:" sorry for your wolf's लॉस्ट we were planting the bombs as fast as we could" Wolf3 who was also male and a little bit older then the other two which has the same फर color as what Winston's फर is Wolf3:" are आप guys hungry, thirsty? we got a base very सुरक्षित and secure" Hutch:" we would प्यार to offer but before we come and शामिल होइए is there any strict rules and asshole leaders because we been though too much of that already?" Wolf3:" we know what आप mean and no we don't just depends on how आप like it and if आप don't आप can leave freely with no problem" Daryl:" alright sounds good to me" Hutch:" ok but can we have sometime to say goodbye to our फ्रेंड्स and bury them?" Wolf1:" uh sure do आप need a shovel?" Hutch:" yes sir that will be needed thank you".
When they got to Garth he was somehow still alive but just barely Garth:" *cough badly* *hack* हे Hutch, Daryl, Cando ugh" Hutch:" हे friend" Cando:" how आप doing old pal" Garth:" *coughs up blood* uh I know I'm not going to make it and I have a little breath left but I'm going to say this when आप whack me in the head please bury me अगला to Lily please!" Hutch:" your wish is my command" Garth:" and that thing आप saw that looked like a pup that came out of lily that was what it was two to be about right the fucking zombies must've eaten the other one before we got there, Lily was excited to have them, she wanted them born on Kate's birthday which is in a couple of months." Cando started to tear up a bit from hearing it Daryl:" come on Cando lets go see if Kate will let us get Lily?" Cando:" see आप soon Garth." Daryl:" Garth i never met आप well enough but i know that आप would of been a great father" as he shakes Garth's paw which Garth couldn't feel Garth:" *gasps* *coughs up और blood* agh thanks Daryl, Hutch your sister was right आप are a true leader and आप must lead this pack to safety also above all that आप are a great father and आप and Kate were a couple ever since आप guys met आप were almost done with alpha school and she was a couple of years behind you, she was having trouble no one bothered to help but आप was the only one to help then after that आप guys wouldn't stop talking to each other until her and Humphrey got sent to Idaho then that's where it stopped *cough*" Hutch:" wait how'd आप knew that?" Garth:" Winston told my dad and my dad told me at dinner, Winston also कहा that आप were the only one that would finish strong and never stop trying. Also that आप was the one that Kate was going to marry until it got turned over द्वारा the packs खाना situation *Hack Gasp* welp it's time for me to go Hutch I'll see आप soon old friend, and one last thing don't let me या Lily suffer let me be with lily, my dad, Winston and the others please that would be appreciated" Hutch:" again your wish is my mission" as a tear started to go down his cheek Hutch:" thank आप for everything Garth and hope we'll meet again old friend" after that Garth tries his best and gives Hutch a thumbs up then finally his life gives up Hutch looks at Daryl who was still standing behind Hutch Daryl:" do आप want me to do it?" pulling out his crossbow Hutch:"no I'll do it" Hutch checks the ऐरो if it's good to shoot, Hutch then aims it towards Garth's head and says Hutch:" so long friend" then he shot it.
Hutch gave Daryl the crossbow and the ऐरो back then went to Kate who was if she was फ्रोज़न in front of eaten up lily Kate hugged Hutch and कहा Kate:" Why? Why her? Why does it have to be my baby sister *cries* *sob*" Hutch holding Kate and कहा Hutch:"bad things happens to good wolfs, some are lucky like us, and some are not, she would of want आप to हटाइए on and not give up just like what my sister and parents would of want for me" Kate remembers that her mom was bit Kate:" MOM!" then runs to Eve who was not in a good condition to walk या do anything Kate:"mom" falls and hugs her Eve:" *gaaaassssp* *hack* Kate, I'm sorry for Lily and that I won't be around longer for आप two and for the pups" which Cando was keeping them from being scared to death Eve:" Kate, आप and lily made me so proud and your dad would be a lot और proud of आप girls , and Hutch, when I first heard of आप and how much आप made Kate happy I was less and less wanting to choke आप out and और hoping to call आप son I will miss आप both, I प्यार आप all" Kate:" I प्यार आप mom" as she kisses eve on the cheek Hutch:" thanks Eve for everything" Eve:" Call me mom son and I'm proud to call आप my son" as she smiles proudly but also her life ends Kate is crying her eyes out while still hugging Eve and Daryl comes carefully and taps Hutch on the shoulder and says Daryl:" I don't want to interrupt या be disrespectful या anything but when do आप want to ya know" as he does a hand motion to his neck meaning to shoot lily and Eve's head Hutch:" Give Kate a मिनट या two" Daryl respectfully nods and leans to the दीवार near them अगला to Humphrey, Hutch looks towards Daryl and Humphrey, and sees blood on Humphrey's foot Hutch:" हे Humphrey what happened to your foot?" Daryl looks at Humphrey and his foot Humphrey:" uh.. I scraped it on the way here" Daryl:" that looks fresh" Humphrey:" well it's not it probably got opened when I fell" Daryl:" let me take a look at it" Humphrey:" no it's fine " as he moves it around making it to where Daryl can't grab it Daryl:" let me see it dammit" as he puts Humphrey's leg in like a headlock to make it not हटाइए Humphrey:" fine" Daryl takes a closer look and sees bite marks Daryl:" holy shit he's bit!" Hutch:" He's what?!" Daryl:" he's fuckin' bit" Humphrey:" It'll be okay I haven't.... passed.... out " then Humphrey falls on the floor passed out from the bite Hutch:"Shit"

*one घंटा later*

Both Eve and lily's head were both shot, Garth and Lilly were buried with each other and Eve was buried अगला to them Hutch went over to one of the wolfs that saved them Hutch:" were ready but do आप have a doctor या a nurse द्वारा any chance?"
Wolf3:"yes why?" Hutch:"because our friend is bit in the foot" Wolf3"hmm let's see what he can do"