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It was a dark and stormy night in Jasper National Park, and Humphrey, Kate, and Eve were all hastily running away from Jasper National Park. They all carried nervous expressions. Humphrey was running alongside with Kate and was holding Runt while running, Kate was holding Claudette while running, and Eve, running alongside with her beloved mate of Winston, was holding Stinky while running. The whole pack ran and ran and ran. But they weren't the only pack running away. The Eastern Pack and the king pack were running away as well, each carrying their own pups. And all of the packs were heading for the same exact direction, to Idaho. Idaho didn't have the storm, and they ran and ran, hoping a human would tranquilize them all. After all, if they were to get to Idaho, that would be an awfully long run. And, द्वारा the time they'd all get to Idaho anyways, the storm would've already passed द्वारा then. So then they'd have to run all the way back home, and another storm may as well happen again. Thankfully, 4 humans holding tranquilizer बंदूकों filled with tranquilizing ammo saw them all and were ready to tranquilize all packs and bring them to not Idaho, but to some other place. They aimed at Humphrey, Kate, Eve, and Winston first. Then at all but accidentally one of the running pups that escaped the mouths of the tranquilized wolves---but they still managed to tranquilize Runt and Stinky. Then soon, they had put all of the tranquilized भेड़िया in their own separate crates and started driving their truck all the way to California. "Huh?" Claudette कहा and turned her head over to the truck "Oh no! Wait! Wait up for me, guys! Wait I said! Waaaait!" But the truck had already driven away, leaving a smoke बादल in Claudette's little face, which made her cough. द्वारा the time Claudette finished coughing and opened her eyes, the truck wasn't even visible from where she was standing anymore. Claudette just sat down, looked at the ground, and sighed.

Once they arrived to California, they set all of the भेड़िया free, then drove off, leaving all of the 3 packs behind. Then, each pack hastily did a pup check---Claudette...oh no, Claudette! She's gone! She really is gone! This worried the Western Pack greatly. But as for the other pups, Runt was there and Stinky was there.The 4 humans with tranquilizing बंदूकों had forgotten to tranquilize Claudette in the Western Pack! Claudette was still stuck in stormy Jasper National Park all the way back up in Canada. She had unfortunately hidden from the humans since she thought they had lethal बंदूकों and would shoot her dead if she didn't hide from them. That's what the other भेड़िया thought as well---but they weren't hasty enough to hide. Except Claudette, that is.

Back in Jasper National Park, the thunder was roaring loudly, threatening to electrocute somebody to their death. Claudette still ran for her life, risking her own life for the lone wolves, hidden in the shadows of the dark night with zero moonlight but with a blood red crescent moon. Thunder struck the ground once again---but this time, right behind Claudette. Claudette jumped and turned her head to the back of her and saw the thunder as it struck the ground. Claudette screamed, turned her head back to the front of her and kept on hastily running for her life. अगला thing she knew---she ran straight into a पेड़ hard and head-first and fainted. She woke up from her faint, only to find that a local lone wolf, या loner, had taken her into his temporary rocky मांद, डेन he was sleeping in for the night, risking his life for the 10-day deadly thunderstorm. The loner was perfectly camouflaged within the dark shadows of the night. But eventually, little Claudette could make out what he looked like. He was a blackish gray wolf, he---he...wasn't even a loner! Claudette sniffed the air and caught his scent, and finally realized that this is a lead alpha male of the most aggressive pack in Jasper National Park. This lead alpha male with Claudette was King! The 4 humans had forgotten to tranquilize King as well. "Why, hello there, Claudette." King कहा then evilly grinned and evilly chuckled at Claudette "Well, well, well, looks like another western weakling had been picked up द्वारा old Mr. King. Hehehe." King then licked his lips as if he wanted to kill her and eat her and made yet another evil grin at Claudette. "Western weakling?!" Claudette exclaimed "Are आप kidding me?! I'll have आप know that I'm no weakling, but I am in fact part of the western pack! I'm even a future al-" "Hey, hey, hey. Chill out already, Claudette." King कहा calmly to Claudette "All western pack भेड़िया are weaklings---period. And that, my dearest nemesis, is a true fact." "No it's not!" Claudette exclaimed "Besides, I'm a future lead alpha pup of the western pack! I'm not weak like the future omega pups of the western pack!" "Oh my then..." King कहा "...I just thought आप were a future omega pup. I was about to force आप to stay here with me since I thought आप were a true weakling much और weaker than the future alpha and beta pups and the adults of your pack but oh well, I'll just let आप go instead. Go on, run free. But just remember that since you're apart of that worthless and weak pack---you're still very weak." "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever." Claudette कहा to King "And thanks for letting me run free. Buh-bye, King!" Claudette then ran off back into the dark and stormy night of Jasper National Park. "Wait! Claudette!" King exclaimed "Don't go! I just remembered that you're going to die out there all alone द्वारा yourself!" But it was too late---Claudette had already disappeared behind the bushes. King sighs. "It's hopeless." King कहा to himself "She'll just die, all alone द्वारा herself. She's hopeless. Her whole life's hopeless. Little western weakling future lead alpha pup..."

Back in California, both the western pack and the king pack were freaking out. The western pack had लॉस्ट one of their pups, their future lead alpha pup---Claudette. While the king pack had लॉस्ट their own lead alpha male of the pack---King. "Hey, guys! Guys and girls of the King Pack!" Princess exclaimed so she could get the pack's full attention. It worked, too. "I'm still the lead alpha female of this pack. I can lead ya, ya know!" "Ohhh, that's right..." An omega of the King Pack कहा "...I guess we just kinda forgot that आप were still here, Princess. Please, lead us all the way to empty claimable territory and claim it before the western weaklings and the eastern egos." Princess looked at the western and eastern pack and evilly grinned at both. "Will do." Princess evilly chuckled "Will do." "Hey!" Tony exclaimed "We over here aren't eastern egos! और like you're the egos! Selfish little wolves! King killers! Yeah, that's who आप are!" Princess turned over to Tony, looked at him aggressively, and growled loudly. "You didn't kill King," Tony कहा "but आप kill us!" The pups of the eastern pack started exclaiming to the King Pack in cute little pup voices "King killers! King killers! King killers! Evil! King killers! King-" "Shut up already आप annoying little eastern ego pups!" Princess growled at the pups, then the pups immediately went silent and crawled backwards behind बिना सोचे समझे eastern pack adults' legs while looking at Princess. "Eviw..." One little Eastern Pack pup said, who just began to speak his first few words the other दिन "Ywou iws nwo gwood. Eviw Pwin-...ehhh...Pwincess." Princess made a low growl at the little young eastern pack pup, then the pup jumped back, yelped, fell to the ground, and पेश to Princess while looking at her. Princess only chuckled, then, when the भेड़िया weren't looking, then looked back, her and her pack had disappeared together. The 2 packs caught the हाल का scent in the air of her and her pack and followed the invisible scent trail. The little pup who पेश to Princess obediently and cutely followed along with his proper pack and even made several stumbles along the way due to his stubby pup legs, so eventually, Lilly carried the stumbling little eastern pack pup the rest of the way.

Back in Jasper National Park, Claudette had दिया up. No, wait---what's this? Claudette hadn't दिया up---she got struck द्वारा the roaring thunder in both of her back legs. She lay there, struggling to get up. Eventually, Claudette gets up, takes a few steps, and stumbles over. Then, it all ended for Claudette when the thunder struck exactly where her दिल was. Claudette had an immediate and hasty death to due electrocution. Now, Claudette's carcass lies there---still and lifeless in Jasper National Park.

In California, it turns out that the King Pack had found an empty claimable territory before the Western and Eastern Pack did and claimed it all for themselves. "Ha! What are आप western weaklings and eastern egos possibly gonna do about it? Whimper over it? Ha!" Princess said. "For the last time already, Princess, आप and your pack are the egos! Not the eastern pack!" Tony exclaimed "King killers, you!" Princess got enraged. She even bristled her फर over this. Not to mention growling so loudly it almost sounded like she was roaring like a lion. All just over this. Over those words that Tony exclaims to her. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, OLD MAN TONYYYY!!!!" Princess exclaimed, then actually did roar. In fact, Princess roared so loudly that she caused a rock avalanche from all of the Californian mountains surrounding her just-claimed territory. Princess then had a wide-eyed look on her face. No, not a sad one, but और like a shocked one. Like Kate had when Eve कहा to rip Garth's legs off या something and shove it down his throat for the Moonlight Howl if he does anything bad to her. Everybody had that look on their faces. "RUUUUN!!!" Winston exclaimed "IT'S A ROCK AVALANCHE! EVERYBODY JUST GO! RUUUUNN!!!" Immediately, everybody, including Winston but excluding Princess, screamed and ran away. Princess just kinda stood द्वारा her spot, फ्रोज़न both in her shocked facial expression and in just her whole body. As a result, Princess got ran over द्वारा one of the giant rocks that came from the surrounding mountains. She had died. Now the rest of the king pack truly had no leader to lead them. Sure, they could let one या two of their betas take charge, maybe even one या two of their own omegas. But they weren't worrying about that right now, they just wanted to get out of the area. Once they were out, all were safe---except Princess, that is. Now the king pack started freaking out once again. "What should we do?!" Nars exclaimed. "I don't know, father!" Fleet said. "I honestly don't know!" "Hey, Nars!" An omega from the king pack said. "What is it, omega wolf?" Nars asked. "Maybe आप should just lead the rest of the way." The omega from the king pack answered "After all, आप did a pretty good job on training the pups and all for the Great भेड़िया games, ya know..." "It may be true that I did a good job on training the pups for the Great भेड़िया games and all, but---" Nars कहा "but...alright, I'll become the lead alpha of the King Pack..." The King pack cheered. The Western Pack didn't have much to say या think about, other than worrying about the status of Claudette. "Is she even ok?" Kate asked Humphrey with a worried expression on her face. "Hopefully she is, Kate..." Humphrey answered "...hopefully..."

Now, let's fast-forward to 10 और days from now. The storm has passed in Jasper National Park, and what was once Claudette's carcass was now just Claudette's skeleton. The meat was eaten द्वारा vultures, ravens, and of course---tiny little flies. The Western, Eastern, and King Pack had gotten tranquilized in California (as they had all planned to get tranquilized there द्वारा humans again) and thankfully got back safely to Jasper National Park. They were released back, and everybody's happy to be back home.

Nars from the King Pack immediately spotted something on the घास once all of the 3 packs had returned back from California. It was blood. Nars sniffed the blood and found out it was भेड़िया blood. But not just any भेड़िया blood---it was King's blood. And there was a trail of it, probably leading to where King was located in Jasper National Park. "Ummm, guys..." Nars कहा to the king pack "...come here. आप got to see and sniff this." Of course, the King Pack obediently came over to Nars and sniffed the blood. "King!" A beta of the King Pack कहा "This smells of King's blood! This is the blood of our past leader of King!" "Let's follow the trail, king pack!" Nars said, then followed the trail all the way to bloody King. The other 2 packs followed the king pack as well out of curiosity. King wasn't dead---he was alive. Just really bloody. "Leader!" Nars exclaimed "Dearest leader King, you're alive after all! Now that's a surprise alright!" But King just continued to lie there on the ground. He let out a groan, but that's about it. "D-Dearest leader?" Nars asked, then noticed the bloody hunter's ऐरो located on King's back left leg "Oh no! Our dearest leader of the king pack, King, is greatly injured! Let's carry him to the den!" So then, Nars and the rest of the king pack started carrying King to the king pack's den, and the Western and Eastern pack both slowly followed the King Pack. Once the packs had arrived at the King Pack's den, Nars and all of the other भेड़िया of the king pack carefully laid him down in the den. The healers of the king pack immediately tried to heal King, and, sure enough, it had worked. King groaned yet again at first trying to get up, but he got up द्वारा himself. "King, what happened to you?!" Nars asked King. "Literally a few सेकंड्स before आप appeared back in Jasper National Park, a bow hunter tried to shoot me with a bow and arrow." King answered Nars "I guess it's bow hunting season then, या he's just a killer poacher. He thankfully didn't kill me, but instead shot me with his bow and ऐरो in my back left leg. I immediately fell to the ground, injured. But the bow hunter didn't even bother to finish me off with another bow and arrow. He just came over to me, looked at me, then just left me there to probably leave me to die all alone due to blood loss." "Well, at least आप didn't die." Nars कहा to King "That's an awfully good thing that आप didn't die." "Yeah..." King कहा "Now can आप please somehow remove this ऐरो from my back left leg? I can't remove it myself since I'm just an old lead alpha here and it's pretty painful." "Oh, sure thing, King." Nars कहा and carefully pulled the bloody ऐरो out of King's back left leg. King screamed from the agony he suffered while Nars was carefully taking out the bloody ऐरो for him. Once it was out, King, of course, yelped, but then thanked Nars for what he did. "No problem, King." Nars कहा to King and grinned "No problem." Then, King just noticed that Princess was missing. "Wait a minute..." King कहा "...where's Princess?" "Oh, ummm, well..." Nars कहा then looked down at the ground and to the left a bit "She...sadly got killed द्वारा a rock avalanche." King was speechless and expressionless. But then he slowly began to mourn. Nars pat old King's back with his right paw. "It's ok, King..." Nars कहा "...it's ok..."

The Western and Eastern Pack eventually left the King Pack's territory after like an घंटा of King mourning and after an घंटा of Nars telling King it's alright and patting King's pack with his right paw.

The Western Pack, of course, went searching for Claudette immediately to Kate worrying about her. "What if Claudette's dead?" Stinky asked Kate. "Let's hope she isn't, Stinky." Kate answered Stinky. A few मिनटों later, they all stumbled upon a भेड़िया skeleton. Kate was the first भेड़िया to run over to the भेड़िया skeleton and sniff it. Once she did, she began to mourn for as long as King is over the death of Princess. "Kate?" Humphrey asked Kate. "D-Don't t-talk t-to m-me a-and d-don't c-come n-near m-me, H-Humph-phrey-ey!" Kate stuttered as yet another tear rolled down her furry face. Humphrey immediately ran over to the भेड़िया skeleton and sniffed it, then he understood why Kate was crying. He frowned and nodded his head while his eyes were closed. Humphrey sat down then hugged Kate. "There, there, Kate..." Humphrey कहा while a tear began to roll down his face, then he sniffled "...i-it'll b-be a-alright...". Now Humphrey and Kate were both crying together. The rest of the Western Pack sniffed the भेड़िया skeleton, frowned, and howled. Hutch patted Claudette's skeleton with his right paw while frowning. "You won't exist on land, but you'll surely exist in our hearts and in our mind, dearest western pack pup Claudette."

While Humphrey and Kate were at Claudette's skeleton mourning, the Eastern Pack had no losses. They got it easy. They had nothing to worry about. But then---"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, GARTH!" A familiar voice exclaimed from a distance away from the Eastern Pack "I JUST CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN ANYMORE!" "Lilly, no!" Garth exclaimed "Don't jump, please!" "I MUST GARTH!" Lilly exclaimed "I MUST!" Then, silence. "Lilly!" Garth exclaimed "LILLYYYYYY! NOOOOOO!!! WHYYYY?!!!!" "Just remember this one little thing, Garth." Lilly कहा calmly to Garth. "What, Lilly?!" Garth asked. "I'll always प्यार you..." Lilly कहा "...even when I'll die...which is now." "Lilly..." Garth whispered to himself as he watched Lilly disappear in the deep canyon's dark shadows "No..." A tear then rolled down Garth's furry face. The other part of the Eastern Pack hastily ran towards where it sounded like Garth's and Lilly's familiar voices were coming from. Once they arrived, they saw Garth sitting down and crying at the canyon. Then, Garth just couldn't take the pain of losing Lilly---he jumped into the canyon as well. The rest of the Eastern Pack just simply watched in shock as Garth jumped down into the deep canyon while exclaiming "L-LI-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLY-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" and while mourning as well. The rest of the Eastern Pack was just shocked and completely फ्रोज़न like Princess was at the rock avalanche, only though in this case--there wasn't a rock avalanche going on behind them.

Then, the भेड़िया of each different pack woke up to the bright light of the sun. It was morning. It was all just a dream. But what was weird about this realistic-seeming dream was that every भेड़िया had it at the same time on the same day. How could this have happened? How is this even possible?

Each भेड़िया looked at each other. Garth was alive, Lilly was alive, Princess was alive, King wasn't injured, Claudette wasn't dead---nothing of this sort had ever actually happened---only in their minds. So everybody ended up being ok. And with that, the भेड़िया from each pack---the Western, Eastern, and King Pack---continued on with their daily lives. Eating caribou (and the omegas eating some berries from the berry patch as well), feeding the pups, bringing the future alpha and beta pups to Alpha School for the winter, and so on.

But all of the भेड़िया still had one unanswerable सवाल stuck in their minds---how was everybody dreaming the same dream even possible?
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