Kate had always wondered what it would be like to fuck her childhood friend Humphrey. As the three were walking to the car a loud sickening crack rang out Kate saw the soldiers in the parking lot beating another भेड़िया down. Winston and a few other eastern and western भेड़िया walked out all cocking बंदूकों Kate opened her over कोट and threw 2 बछेड़ा M1911 pistols to Humphrey and Andrew they all opened आग on the platoon of 20 soldiers they all fell silently except 1 he was large and heavily armored he wielded a Baton and a giant combat चाकू he ran faster than ever at the group before anyone could आग a loud gunshot echoed from the roof.

If someone was gonna put that motherfucker down its me कहा the Black armored figure from the roof.

the armor had glowing red night optics with a trench कोट worn over black riot armor the figure removed the हेलमेट to reveal a black भेड़िया with White facial markings it was hutch no doubt hutch nodded holding the राइफल like a trophy and walked away Kate और in प्यार than ever. She ran to hutch and said

Nice work back there would आप like to शामिल होइए me Andrew and Humphrey for a "special night" hutch couldn't decline After a दिन like the one he had he would प्यार to get his dick wet especially द्वारा someone like Kate

Sure I don't see why not.

Kate kissed him on the lips and led him back to the car. There was no way that Kate could fuck them all at once' shit! She thought to herself. Once they arrived at Andrews apartment Andrew saw the look on her face and understood it immediately once all the guys were comfortable and getting ready for sex Kate decided to do Humphrey first she stepped into the guest bedroom and took off her कमीज, शर्ट and nightwear she began to gently caress his chest. She passionately kissed Him and began to make out.

Take off your कमीज, शर्ट sexy...

Humphrey obeyed and began unbuttoning his कमीज, शर्ट and then unzipping his pants Kate felt his bulge under her she flipped Humphrey over so he was on चोटी, शीर्ष of her his फर tingled with excitement as he slowly got a boner she felt it push against her she let him take control he began to put his dick in her warm pussy he began thrusting faster and faster.

Fuck me hard! Kate कहा as she moaned In pleasure.

Humphrey obeyed and thrusted harder and faster kate moaned and he moaned too.

IM GONNA CUM KATE! कहा humphrey as he thrusted harder

SO AM I! they both climaxed and moaned.

humphrey decided he would warm her up some और kate continued to pant as humphrey stuck his tongue in her cum filled vagina she felt his warm tongue in her she moanedin pleasure. she panted harder and harder. She kised humphrey and stepped out of the room अगला she would fuck hutch. she swept her blonde hair away from her face she let hutch lay on चोटी, शीर्ष of her they made out until hutch got bored of it he took off his कमीज, शर्ट and unzipped his pants his boner bulged out of his underwear she was suprised at how large it was she gasped

suprised? hutch कहा i know i`ve heard it enough.

kate licked all the way up and all the way down his boner he moaned softly hutch flipped her over and shoved his dick in her a tear of pain rolled slowly down her face but she still moaned in pleasurehe thrusted faster kates vagina began to bleed because of the size of his cock but it still felt great

I`m GONNA CUM KATE! hutch`s cum sprayed all over his wolfhood and kates vagina hutch saw her pussy bleeding

let me clean आप up babe.

he began to lick the blood away and the rest in her vagina

Thanks hutch now heres my suprise!

kate began to lick his wolfhood again she sucked his cock like it was a कैन्डी cane faster and harder.


hutch cummed and layed back down panting. he lit up a menthol and she kissed him on the lips and walked out. finally he was going to fuck andrew. andrew layed in बिस्तर texting on his phone he stopped and let kate caress his sexy chest until she grabbed him and pulled off his कमीज, शर्ट she unzipped his pants and tied his legs and arms to the बिस्तर frame she put a gag in his mouth after she made out with him he put his dick in her and thrusted harder and faster.



they climaxed and fell asleep the अगला दिन kate called winston

Daddy i cant decide between them so we`re going to be rroom mates until them प्यार you!

The End