Andrew awoke to find he was at a rave club he disliked rave क्लब्स because of one experience either way he followed Kate inside. Kate sat at the bar looking around until a dark ash grey भेड़िया walked toward Kate. Kate jumped out of her सीट and yelled

DADDY! She hugged him.

The भेड़िया hugged her back and looked torward andrew

I'm guessing he's your mate Kate?

No dad but he's helping me with that!

Hello Mr.-

Call me winston

Yes sir Winston Winston chuckled and hugged Kate tightly before leading them into a room with sound proof glass around it

Andrew आप do understand I have a very special daughter she is special for, Kate demonstrate. she very gently pushed on the glass and it shattered as if she had punched it with brute strength Andrew as amazed her hearing and speed were increased too but yet she was so normal.

But I am glad to have आप meet someone who would भालू my grand pups Kate stared at Andrew then at Winston

Uuuuum... were just फ्रेंड्स I haven't actually found a mate yet.

What about Humphrey?

He... he never came back but

But he's here with me Kate and so far its him या Andrew who's your pick?

Kate had no clue how to respond until it popped into her head

Dad I got an idea how about we have a three-some and see who I like more!

I don't know Kate are आप sure about this?

I'm sure dad!