Andrew (me) watched as the strange looking भेड़िया ran down the alley he heard the click of a loaded gun and he ducked three shots rang out three bodies hit the sidewalk the भेड़िया walked out the बंदूकों barrel smoking

Dead and forgotten.

She कहा as she began to walk out of the alley way Andrew yelled down to the sidewalk to inspect the corpses

हे can I help you?

The भेड़िया shrugged and aimed the .357 मैग्नम at his head

I suggest आप don't step closer.

Andrew backed away as he was told he held his hands in the air

And yes I suppose आप could be of use.

Andrew asked how

आप could shelter me from them.

She lowered the weapon Andrew gladly accepted to shelter her Andrew only wanted to shelter her so he could fuck her. but first he'd gain her प्यार and trust he grinned as he let her into his apartment.