The movie takes place after the first movie. Kate and Humphrey are finally married (so are Garth and Lilly) and Humphrey's living the life he always dreamed of. Now that they're the new leaders of the pack, everything's at peace and life's good. The movie starts with Humphrey narrating stuff that happened.

Humphrey: (narrating; we get shots of the rivers and mountains of Jasper Park) This is Jasper Park, my home. We got everything we need: like caribous, logboarding, hunting, cute girls, golf with Marcel and Paddy and it's all good.
(there's a close up of Humphrey goofing around with Shakey, Salty and Mooch)
Humphrey: (narrating) Ha! You'll never guess who's that handsome Omega.
(Humphrey stands tall on a rock and attracts girls' attention)
Humphrey: (narrating) Yep, ya guessed it. That's me.
Reba: Hi, handsome
Humphrey: (narrating) Yeah, she called me handsome. Finally, cause all the time it was like BAM, BOOM, POW.

We see still shots of Humphrey getting slapped in the face या kicked in the nuts.

Humphrey: (narrating) Yeah, that's sucks. Let's हटाइए on
(we see Humphrey heading for his cave)
Humphrey: (narrating) But anyway, like i said, i finally got the life i always wanted and the girl of my dreams.

Inside the den, we see Kate laying on her side with her back facing the "door" of the cave. She wears a rose in her hair and she looks beautiful. Humphrey stares at her in awe

Humphrey: Kate.
Kate: (giggles) Hi honey.

Humphrey: (narrating) Well, there she is. The girl of my dreams, the only girl i always loved.

Kate: Well, come in Humphrey. They don't bite. They're too young for that.

There's a close up of Kate's side and we see 3 adorable new born पिल्लें nursing on her. Kate gave birth the night before: 2 boys and 1 girl. Humphrey's दिल melts at the sight of his new kids.

Humphrey: Kate, they're beautiful. Just like you.
Kate: Awww, thanks sweetie
(they किस passionately)

One of the little boys (the little Omega) stops nursing and tries to walk but he cutely stumbles over. Kate giggles.

Kate: Hi, sweetie. (nuzzles her son; he slowly opens his little eyes)
Humphrey: Hey! He looks like me.
Kate: Yeah, he does (she smiles) आप can hold him.

Kate gently gives the कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला to Humphrey.

Humphrey: He's perfect. What आप gonna call them?
Kate: What about: Stinky, Claudette and Runt?
Humphrey: That's great.
Runt: (makes adorable baby sounds)
Kate: (to Runt) Meet your dad, sweetie.
Humphrey: हे Runt (nuzzles him)

The other शिशु (Stinky and Claudette) also open their eyes and try to walk. Kate and Humphrey watch, smiling.

Mooch: (walks in) Yo, where's the prince at?
Humphrey: Who the hell invite आप here? (gently puts Runt down; does to meet Mooch) What's up, bro?
Mooch: Nah, nothing to brag about. Just out for a little stroll.
(he looks at Kate)
Mooch: Oh my god! Dude, pass me some ketch up. Look at the body on her. Oh mama!
Kate: (giggles) Hi Mooch
Mooch: हे girl. How ya doing?
Kate: Everything's fine
Mooch: God, this body's so tight! (pinches Kate, making her giggle) If आप were my girl, i'd treat ya like a real queen.
Kate: Easy, Chuck! (smiles)
Humphrey: So Mooch, where the others?
Mooch: Ya know, goofin' around like we usually do.

Stinky and Claudette cutely crawl towards Mooch. He sees them and his दिल melts.

Mooch: Awww, Look at these little angels! Congrats, they're the cutest ever.
Kate: Thank you!

Runt cuddles up to his dad and falls asleep.

Winston: Where's my beautiful little girl?
Kate: Dad! (hugs him)
Winston: हे sweetie. How आप doing?
Kate: Fabulous.
Humphrey: Hey, Winston.
Winston: Hi Humphrey (nuzzles Runt) How are they?
Humphrey: They're growing good.
Mooch: Hi little girl. आप ticklish? (tickles Claudette while Stinky tickles him)
Winston: (chuckles happily) Looks like our family just got bigger.
Kate: Yeah.

After that, Winston tells Kate that he needs her to hunt for caribous. She agrees and gets ready.

Humphrey: (to Kate) Baby, आप sure bout this?
Kate: Of course i'm sure. Don't worry, honey.
Humphrey: I don't want anything happen to you.
Kate: (kisses him) It's okay, Humphrey. I'm with my dad, i'll be fine.
Winston: Kate, come on! We don't wanna be late.
Kate: Coming, dad. (nuzzles Runt and walks outside) I'll be back soon, Humphrey.
Humphrey: Good luck, the girl of my dreams!

Humphrey looks over at Mooch, who's asleep with Claudette and Stinky. His snoring doesn't wake them up.

Runt: A-da!
Humphrey: Yea, sweetie. आप hungry? आप want something to eat?
Runt: (with his adorable baby eyes) Da-da!
Humphrey: My son.

Humphrey: (narrating) I still can't believe it. I'm a daddy!

(the opening credits दिखाना up)