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Well this is my new series. I hope आप like this when आप see this [AN: with something in it] आप can skip it but i'm just telling आप if u add a song with it at the exact time it could be alike and be cool. I hope आप like it and enjoy.
WARNING: Please Read Ratings:
Violent: 2/4
Sex: 1.5/4
Language: 3/4

POV: James
The name is James. Im 19, and what do I do? Well I'm an assassin.
I kill people who hurts फ्रेंड्स या Family, I Steal a lot of things, Wear a Cloth on me to protect my face, Spike Collar. Black फर but my face, chest to my waste is white/grey.
I have an Assassin Helper (ok I'm like the sidekick, my brother [Henry] is the main one, he 22 and he dose what I do but 10x worse.
He decapitate heads, rape girls that is 21 and older, kills guard and burn houses down.
We're both on the most wanted सूची for 50k of money (now in 2013 is $298,000). Were at #2 of the list.
Its 1898 at a UK kingdom. Were mostly Italians and partly German.
We know the princess really well. She set us free 2x for robbing things. A workshop call assassin were how we got started. Before we go on I want to tell आप it begin with us.
I was 12 and Henry was 14. We were wealthy but now very poor. My Mom and Dad were in deeply in love.
One दिन we went to the workshop when it just open up. My dad bought the cloth that I wore. It was very big for me (now its my average what I wear) my brother fit him but now he just got one 2 dats ago.
We were like hero and sidekick we train ourself. Then my Dad bought how to be an assassin for fun book but we took it seriously. Then the दिन we had to be an assassin for life was 2 1/2 years ago.
December 27, 1895
We were celebrating क्रिस्मस still with खाना and prayer a couple of present.
I got 6 ninja तारा, स्टार and new boots. Henry got also 6 ninja तारा, स्टार and a pistol crossbow with 8 arrow.
We were happy an warm but we went outside on the cold snowing night our parent told us to get 3 loaf of bread.
रोटी and Cheese was our प्रिय खाना ever (now i rarely get it) we went and got the food. Then 3 Police came down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट (carriages with horse riding with it) instead of asking us सवाल they pass up to our home.
"What was that about?" I said. "I don't know, hurry the रोटी is getting stale and cheese is getting moldy". "Fine, Race you!" I कहा happily. We always race my brother always but I won. I rarely win. Maybe because my brother had खाना in his arm.
I wanted to go inside but the door was lock. I saw 5 police in our house and 2 strange people lying on the floor with blood on them.
My dad killed them, I thought but द्वारा that I saw 2 और people. I gasp and turn around and cry. My parent was dead. Apparently they got shot द्वारा slugs bullets on a राइफल (Don't ask me why) My brother came, looking at me very puzzle I told him look at the the lock hole. As he did he was shock. He shook his head, and look around the house. Broken Glass, Blood and Bullet Shells on the ground.
He snook in our house, grab a bag of stuff and कहा "Were on our own now." He took stuff in our house in the bag, Food, Water, Shoes, Photo, Matches, Cigars and our Assassin Equipment. Guns, Bullet, Ninja तारा, स्टार everything.
The Police came out and told us that were going to the children home. Then my brother turn mean, evil, the dark side of him. He pull the चाकू and kill 3 police with it. The other 2 escape and an couple दिन later the king wanted us for $100 then 1K to 5K to 10k till 55.7K of money.
[Please start a यूट्यूब Link and खोजिए up World War Z Theme song at the beginning and read slow]
We live in the clock of the church या on roofs. We never went to jail and possibly never will. We have a motto, "Never get Caught, Never kill Innocent, Kill Guards and Stick together. We are Assassin and we are Survivors. Welcome to our World." THE ASSASSIN भेड़िया
End of Pre-Chapter [End Song]
What do आप think? Yay या Nay? Please प्रशंसक and प्रशंसक me for और (I own this article) Peace -CODkiller14
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Kate was sitting at the edge of the मांद, डेन looking down on the moonlite park. The breeze blew through the trees and the sky was bright and clear. Kate had a lot of things on her mind but there was just one thing she had to get straight? For the past week या so KIMs powers were very weak and she wasnt sure why? KIM was always keeping quiet about it and would never really tell her anything? "I think tonite is the night I find out why? Kate stood up and walked to the मांद, डेन and saw KIM lieing inside with her head tucked away underneath her arms. "KIM... she whispered." KIMs head rose, as she let out...
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posted by ztarx5
Hello everybody! I here for a new series call The Alpha and Omega Games. This story is the line of the HG (Hunger Games) with the Characters of A and O. I will not stop this series so I hope u enjoy this story! Well आप ask so here part one. BTW Kate and Lilly mom is Courtney. The reason Eve isn't there parent because I put her as Effete.
WARNING Please Read Rating
Violence: 1/4
Sex: 0/4
Language: 1/4

Before Chapter.

POV 1st President Wilson

In this nation there is 12 district. Before that we had 13 but been bomb. Why is there 12? Well there was a mighty war back...
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Adrien's POV

It must have been morning when I woke up I hurt all over. I scratched my eyes but my right one suddenly hurt because I just clawed it with something. After I sorted It out my vision cleared and I looked at my hands…They weren't hands they where paws, and when I poked my eye I must have scratched it with my nail. When I tried to stand normally I just fell backwards, so I stood on all fours. Then I felt something new I turned my head as much as it would and saw a tail. Then It scared me I've turned into a भेड़िया for some odd reason. I looked around and suddenly saw भेड़िया standing...
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humphrey ran as fast as he could to ge away. But then garth jumped up in the air and tackled them both."dude why are आप doing this" "why am i doing this me and lily are running away because of आप two alphas" kate fell to the ground balling because of what humphrey called them."thats why garth thats exactly why" "dude we're sorry bro just get back with kate and i with lily" "what did आप just say" "you heard me" NO GARTH WE'RE NOT GOING BACK!!! "lily stay out of this" this is your fault alpha आप did this to me and lily don't expect us to crawl back to आप guys cause it's not going to happen...
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WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a कोट of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the संगीत on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice या और द्वारा now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse...
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Kate woke up, Humphrey was sleeping behind her so Kate got up quietly and walked out the den. She felt wet in her lower areas. Kate गलाना, पिघलता her lower area"Wow did i really mate with Humphrey last night"Kate कहा to herself, Kate licked herself"Hmm that tastes good"Kate said. Kate licked herself a bit और then stopped and went down to the lake and cleaned up."Hey Kate"someone कहा from behind her, Kate turned to see Humphrey"Hey Humphrey"Kate said,"So did आप enjoy last night?"Humphrey asked getting into the lake. Kate giggled"Yeah i did"Kate said, when Humphrey and Kate were washing themselves...
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posted by xAngelwolfx
 kate down
kate down
It was a rainy दिन and Kate was getting ready for the caribou hunt,"i hate the rain"Kate mumbled to herself as she shook her fur.She stepped out of the cave and went to meet hutch.Meanwhile Garth and Lilly were just getting up"morning honey"Garth कहा as he put his paw through Lilly's फर to wake her up,Lilly's nose twitched,"morning Garth"he smiled at her,"i'm going out to watch Kate's hunt"Lilly jumped up,"oh wait for me!"they both headed for the hunt."Hiya Hutch आप ready for our hunt"Kate कहा to Hutch,"of course i'm ready its just the weather i'm worried about"Hutch कहा while looking...
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This is just a flashback Eve had in the story Ba'al.

It was in 12th grade. It was the final दिन of school when Ba'al finally fought back. Well, he didn't really fight back but it was the last time Humphrey and his फ्रेंड्स ever picked on him...

It was lunch घंटा when Ba'al flipped his mind on Kate and broke Humphrey's nose and Garth's arm.

Ba'al was walking to his own तालिका, टेबल where the light would shine on him. He sat down and began eating his food. He then heard giggling and laughter. He ignored it and continued eating. Next, he felt something slightly hard and wet splash on his back. He immediately...
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posted by Alex_6SIC6
Humphrey had been seduced द्वारा the most beautiful भेड़िया ever. Blsoom. Humphrey has no control of this hypnosis and is trapped in her spell.

"Mmm... Yes..." A moan came from a den. This den, belongs to Blossom and Humphrey. After they had sex in Humphrey's den, Blossom wanted to become mates and have a new मांद, डेन to theirselves.

"Oooh..." A moan came from the back of the den. Back in the den, was Humphrey and Blossom rubbing their members on eachother.

Blossom was on चोटी, शीर्ष of Humphrey, holding her worm and rubbing it on Humphrey's. Blossom bit her lower lip and humped faster, a little drop of her pure...
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