Summary: We all know and प्यार this movie well but there's one part that I think needed और detail, and that's the time when Kate and Humphrey get home. This story goes over Humphrey's POV in great detail over the time between getting घर and the end of the movie.

A/N: Not sure where I found लेखन inspiration again but I've been thinking about how to write the following story for over a week now. Now let's see how rusty I am.

Just a recap this story covers in और detail from the very night when Kate and Humphrey get घर up until the end of the movie.Enjoy, ChriZ~

Humphrey's POV

"We're going to unite the packs..."

Her words echoed through my head as I watched her turn and walk away along side the rest of the pack who were all happy that a war was avoided. I, on the other hand was in a state of disbelief, 'How could she not tell me about all these things? How could she not tell me she was getting married?' My thoughts were interrupted when my फ्रेंड्स walked up beside me.

"Welcome back Humphrey", "Good job bringing her home" I heard them say before they all picked me up and chanted "Wolf Pile!"

Normally I would be laughing and smiling along with them as they piled on चोटी, शीर्ष of me for a short while, but not now. My mind was clouded with so many emotions, I got up on my feet and looked back at the pack that was now exiting the valley and heading back to their dens for the night. Still cheering and talking amongst each other like nothing ever separated them. I sat and hung my head low 'I wish she would of told me the real reason of why she needed to get home'.

"Hey Humphrey आप okay?" I looked up and saw my फ्रेंड्स looking at me with concern. "Yeah I'm fine, come on, we should get back to our dens too" I कहा before getting up. They followed as I began walking up the slope back to the western dens, it was silent between us most of the way there until Salty decided to break the silence. "So where we're आप two taken to?" He asked

I really wasn't in the mood to think about the trip I just got back from but I didn't want to be rude to my फ्रेंड्स either. They didn't need to feel what I was feeling at the moment "We were taken to Idaho to help control the caribou population since there are plenty of them down there." I didn't want to tell them the real reason we were taken there since I knew what other सवालों they would have been asked. "Wow it would be nice if it was like that here too" Shakey said

"Yeah it would..." I कहा plainly, once again it fell silent between us but luckily we were just arriving into the मांद, डेन area "Well goodnight guys, I'll tell आप और about the trip tomorrow if आप want" I कहा facing them trying not to sound in a upset mood "That sounds great man" Salty कहा "Yeah, it's great to have आप back safely" Shakey said

We all turned our separate ways and headed back to our own dens, It was nights like this that I like living far from the rest of the other pack dens. Not because I wasn't in the mood to be around other भेड़िया but I knew I couldn't hold my sadness in any longer. So being far meant no one could hear me, and it's not like I can just tell others why I'm feeling down since it was against the law to be with an Alpha as an Omega. The moon was at its highest when I arrived to my den, the small opening under an old पेड़ stump was all आप could see in the dim light. I walked inside and immediately laid down at the back of the मांद, डेन and faced the wall.

'Well... Sure seems like things took an abrupt turn, going form thinking Kate had the same feelings for me that I had for her. To having it all seem like just a dream, but it wasn't, we only howled many hours पूर्व and yet it seems much further then that.' It didn't take long until I felt my eyes tear up, tears of sadness, heartbreak and regret. I didn't like feeling like this, I wish things could be much और better then they are right now, I should have told her how I felt on the train. But I just couldn't come out with the three simple words and she ended up jumping off and leaving me to stop the war that was about to happen. We could of ran off together या just tell the pack how we felt law या not, yet what would running off accomplish since the packs would have gone to war had not Kate returned to stop it.

A new thought came to my head, 'What if I just runaway?' Sure it seemed like a bad plan considering I was and Omega with no hunting skills to speak off, but come on? How hard can it be to catch a meal for myself? But I just didn't have to know how to hunt though either, to become a lone भेड़िया I needed to protect myself, which I don't know how to. But that was a risk I was willing to take since I couldn't just sit and watch the प्यार of my life get married to another भेड़िया besides me. It would just make me upset staying in the pack and seeing it.

I still laid facing the back दीवार of my मांद, डेन thinking, thinking of what course should I take in this new phase of my life as a lone wolf. I then remembered the old pack I originally came from as a pup, maybe my parents were still apart of it since I got taken away from it and dumped in the forest as a pup. And if so I could live with them and just forget about Kate and हटाइए on

But just forgetting about her will be the hardest of all, she's the भेड़िया I thought about everyday since I got to know her as a pup. Yet I would just have to manage, I didn't need to live the rest in my life with regret and sorrow over a प्यार that was not meant to be. It feels like I have been laying in here for hours and I decided it would be best and try to get और sleep before the sun comes back up, I had a long hard दिन ahead of me.

I opened my eyes to find that the sun already came up and द्वारा the looks, it was already mid morning. After considering the events of last night I expected to get little to no sleep but I actually got the opposite. I felt refreshed but still held the sorrow inside me and knew I had to go around and tell my फ्रेंड्स AND Kate about my choice of becoming a lone wolf. Saying goodbye to Salty, Shakey and Mooch will be hard enough but confronting Kate and telling her would be a real challenge without tearing up.

I got up on my paws and let out yawn as I stretched my legs. My stomach let out a growl, the last thing I had eaten was over a दिन पूर्व somewhere on the way home. I walked slowly out my मांद, डेन and looked around, it was a beautiful spring दिन outside and I could see some of the pack laying around and talking या just taking a दिन nap in the sun. I made my way to the feeding grounds to get myself a late breakfast of whatever's left of the food. Along the way a few भेड़िया I passed कहा either "Welcome back Humphrey" या "Nice to see आप made it घर safely". I just put on the best smile I could and कहा "Thank you". Once I made it to the feeding grounds near the Leaders मांद, डेन I found that a few other भेड़िया were still having their share of the food. Most of them were Omegas since the Alphas already had their share first. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief 'Good I don't think I can handle seeing Kate right now', I never imagined thinking like that about her but it was true, I would just end up crying on the spot asking "Why?" if she spoke to me.

I came up the pile of खाना and grabbed myself a गिलहरी before finding a spot under a near द्वारा पेड़ alone. I took a few bites and it felt good to get some real खाना back in my system again, on our trip घर Kate and I had a hard time finding any खाना to eat in the forest along the way. I was around half way through my meal before I heard a भेड़िया walk up behind me, I turned and found it was Winston.

"Hello Humphrey, mind if a शामिल होइए you?" He asked "Not at all sir, please sit" I कहा watching as he sat down in front of me. I had no idea what we wanted to speak to me about, was I in trouble? या was it something else, "I just wanted to say thank you, for bringing Kate घर safely." He said

"Your welcome sir, but really she was the one who made the choices not me." I said. I didn't want to take all the credit for it, after all she was the one who wanted to get back right away not me. But I did accompany her so that was better then doing it on her own. "I'm sure she did since she has great responsibility, but she did tell me that आप helped her escape death twice." He said, He was referring to the flash flood and the bears.

"Your right, I did" I कहा before finishing my meal, "Well, I'm sure आप got some things to take care of, I'll see आप around" He कहा getting up. "Oh almost forgot, Kate's in our मांद, डेन getting ready for the wedding and she कहा she wanted to talk to आप before it." "Will do sir" I कहा as he walked away leaving me alone once again. He was right though I need to tell Salty Shakey and Mooch about my choice, I hope this will go over well.

I got up and started walking, thinking of where they might be, it was almost mid दिन so they were most likely out playing some game. I decided to try my luck looking for them down in the valley and much to my surprise I found them sitting on a rock talking in the sun. I walked up to them and they all smiled at me, "Morning Humphrey, I see that आप found us" Mooch कहा "Yeah didn't take that long to either" I कहा sitting beside them "Well we were just talking about बिना सोचे समझे gossip but if आप want to tell us about your trip आप can" Salty said. 'Hmm maybe this won't be so hard' I thought, I can just tell them the story and just feed in the lone भेड़िया decision to make it seem not so out of the blue to them. "Sure why not, I got nothing better to do" I said

"Great" They said, "Okay well to start off, Kate and I were talking during the moonlight howl after she ditched Garth and we ended up getting shot with some type या dart that knocked us out. अगला thing we knew we awoke in small boxes in some place called Idaho, we got released and met these two birds playing some game they called golf." They all shot me weird looks, probably cause of the fact we talked to birds. "Anyway, they told us where we were and why we got sent there and asked them if they knew where Jasper was. Luckily enough they did know where it was and showed us the way home. Our actual trip घर started with a ride in the back of a truck of which we snuck into, I ended up making us lose our ride and had to continue on paw. Once again our bird फ्रेंड्स told us of a train that runs directly to Jasper so we made our way through the mountains fighting off bears along the way and just barely made it onto the train via log sled."

"Wow that's one crazy adventure" Shakey कहा "Yeah Bears don't sound to fun to be around" Mooch said
"Defiantly, we just made it out with out lives" I कहा "So they rest of the trip was just us sitting in a box car watching the scenery go by, but I did manage to share a howl with Kate at the moon. And eventually we made it to Jasper that same night, we jumped off the train and here I am back सुरक्षित and sound." I did say the last part kind of fast since I wasn't sure telling them about the howling part was a good idea. "Wow look at आप getting a howl with an alpha" Salty कहा patting me on the back "Didn't know आप had it in you", "Yeah neither did I" I कहा smiling a little. Well not that that's over with its time to get down to the hard stuff. I took a deep breath "We'll guys, I'm afraid I got some bad news" I started "What kind of bad news?" Shakey asked, they all had full attention on me now. "Well, since Kate is now getting married I have decided to runaway and become a lone wolf."

"What?!" They all कहा "You're joking right?" Mooch asked "I'm afraid not" I कहा "I just can't stay here and watch her be with another wolf, it'll just be like a needle stabbing my दिल all the time. And yes I know it may seem crazy but I will be better off somewhere else to get my mind off her." There was a short silence after that before Salty spoke up "Well I'll sure miss आप man, but I understand and I'd rather see आप happy and not miserable." Shakey and Mooch nodded in agreement. 'Well that wasn't too bad' I thought "I'm glad आप understand" I कहा smiling "I will miss आप guys too" "Just promise you'll come back in visit us some time" Shakey कहा "I will" I said.

We all shook paws and कहा our goodbyes before I got up and began to make my way to the last भेड़िया I need to say goodbye to, Kate. I was making my way up from the valley when I heard some flapping above my head, I looked up to see that it was Marcel and Paddy 'Ah just the birds I need to talk to' "Why hello Mr. Wolf" Marcel कहा "Marcel, Paddy! Good to see आप again" I कहा watching as the landed on a near द्वारा low hanging branch, "What are आप guys doing here? Shouldn't आप be working on that game आप two play?"

"Well we we're, but we decided to see how things are going with आप since आप both got back." Paddy कहा "Yes uhh, so where your lady friend?" Marcel asked

"Oh she's at her den, getting ready for her wedding" I कहा plainly, just thinking about it made me feel worse inside. "Oh-ho-ho I see आप finally told her how आप felt eh?" He said,

"Well... Not exactly, आप see I was close to telling her but she ran off before I had the chance." I कहा looking down at my paws "Oh my, wait if she's not marrying आप then who?" Paddy asked "It turns out she didn't tell me that she was in a rush to get घर to stop a war between our pack and a neighboring one. And to stop that war she has to force marry a भेड़िया from the other pack." I कहा while pushing a pebble with my paw in the dirt.

"Ouch, आप must not be doing so well then" Marcel कहा "Yeah which is why I've decided to become a lone भेड़िया and try to get over her" I said. "Hmm, well we're still in Jasper for a few और days and there should be another train coming द्वारा today if आप wish to leave very soon." He कहा "All I have to do is say my goodbyes to her then I can leave before the wedding starts." I कहा "Alright we'll be around the area so come find us when your done" He कहा "Well Marcel we could go check in with his lady friend too, and see how she is before he comes to tell her about what he's doing." Paddy suggested.

"Good idea, uh Humphrey is it?" Marcel asked me "Yes?" I कहा "Where can we find Kate?" He asked "Big मांद, डेन overlooking the valley आप can't miss it" I कहा pointing up the valley towards where the मांद, डेन area was. "Ah thank you, see आप later" He कहा before him and Paddy took off to the sky's

'Well I guess I should linger a little bit before going to see her', I decided to go to the river that used to separate our pack and the East. This would be great since this would give me some time to think of what to exactly say to her. The sun was still shining bright up above as I made my way under the trees and through the bushes, along the way I just admired the world around me. My mind was blank which was odd, I had been in nothing but thought since we got घर just thinking about what to do now that the one I only loved was taken and gone. I guess my mind was just at peace before the storm of confronting Kate that was going to happen. When I arrived at the river all was quiet, not a single भेड़िया was there using the water to cool off. 'Good I can have some quiet to think'. I sat on the soft sand that lined the river bank and just starred at the passing water.

'Alright, well where to begin...' My mind was still drawing a blank as I thought of how exactly I should tell her without being harsh. That was important, last thing I need was to be harsh about what happened and make her upset. Even though she hurt me I still had respect for her, and also it was her wedding दिन so ruining the mood would also be bad. 'Alright so I guess if I can just be upfront about it then I can make it quick before I end up crying in front of her.' That was another thing I didn't want to do, being upset about me leaving would hint that I had feelings for her. If I did tell her that I had feelings for her it might not go so well since she's technically with someone else. Then again just the idea that I'm leaving at the same time she's getting married makes that obvious as well, I guess I'll just have to go with it.

'So far the idea is to be upfront and make up a lie as to why I'm leaving' I clarified to myself in my head, I hated lying to her but it had to be done. I had been sitting on the river bank for over thirty मिनटों now "It's time to get this over with" I कहा to myself getting up and resuming my heading to the head alpha den. Along the way I noticed a few फूल growing beside the bushes, and one of them was a dark गुलाबी much like the one she wore at the moonlight howl before we were taken away. Not sure why but I stopped and picked one of them off its stem and hid it in my mane so that I could give it to her as a last thing before I left. Once I arrived to the मांद, डेन area I didn't see any other भेड़िया around 'They must be all down at the wedding' I thought to myself 'Good that means I can easily slip away unnoticed after I'm done saying goodbye to Kate.'

I was soon making my way up the small slope that lead up into Winston's and Eve's den. My दिल began to race before I decided to stop just before the corner and try to make myself seem calm and normal. I then could faintly hear voices that sounded like Marcel and Paddy "Well we came to see that आप made it back" I heard Paddy say before Marcel कहा "And what do we find? heh heh. Walla, your getting married" though he कहा it kind of oddly like he still couldn't believe what had happened.

A/N: I would suggest listening to a song called "My Own Way" द्वारा Honor Society since it fits in well with this part of the story.

"Umm, yeah I'm getting married, who told you?" I heard Kate ask them. I decided this was a good time to start. "I did" I कहा walking up to the मांद, डेन entrance, her gaze went from Marcel and Paddy to me. "Humphrey" She कहा looking at me, she was sitting on the over hang in front of the मांद, डेन with the birds in front of her

"We'll we should be going" Paddy said, "Yes, Yes" Marcel कहा before they both took off. I knew they wouldn't go far since they were surely waiting for me to finish talking with Kate. Time seemed to slow as I walked up to her, I noticed that she looked at the ground in front of her looking at me once या twice. She seemed to be upset already, but why? Did Marcel and Paddy already tell her? I decided to ease the situation and give her the फूल I picked earlier, "Oh, excuse me just a flea" I कहा pretending to scratch my mane as if I did have one but I was really just getting the flower.

"Here's a little something for your big day" I कहा with the फूल in my mouth as I proceeded to place it in her फर above her ear. "Thank you" She कहा with a soft smile as I pulled my head back, I realized it was a good time to start the real reason I came to talk to her.

"I just wanted to say goodbye" I looked into her eyes as I कहा it "Goodbye?" She कहा with a confused look, 'Okay looks like they didn't tell her' I thought to myself. "Yeah" I continued before sitting in front of her "I've been thinking of doing a little traveling आप know, seeing where the train takes me" I looked at her and she had a blank expression on her face "And maybe I'll visit our फ्रेंड्स the bears, grrrr. Our old buddy's and see how their doing, I'll tell them आप कहा hi" I कहा with a little laugh at the end which she also laughed at as well.

I got back up on my paws and she did the same before she asked "But wait, your leaving Jasper?" "Yeah, it's a lone भेड़िया thing" I कहा slowly, I could now feel myself slipping and starting to दिखाना outside what I was feeling inside, sadness. Sad that I was losing a good friend and someone I loved and yet had no chances with. I remained looking at her and she also seem to be a little upset about me leaving "Well I know Humphrey the fun loving omega, not Humphrey the lone wolf." She कहा with a hint of sadness in her voice. She was right, I definitely wasn't a lone भेड़िया type but I guess there's a start for everything.

"So..." I started "I'll just be a fun loving lone wolf" I turned and walked away slowly but as I did I could hear her say faintly "I don't doubt that" I just continued to walk away with my head down. Inside I felt close to being in tears, it was over, all chances of being with her gone. लॉस्ट to a forced marriage to unite the packs because of a selfish pack leader. And I would just have to get over it and live the rest of my life getting over her and perhaps finding another प्यार to fix the pain. I found Marcel and Paddy not too far from the मांद, डेन "Alright, let's go" I कहा sadly with my head low still, passing them as I heard them follow behind me. "You know Mr. Humphrey, can I just say one thing?" Paddy कहा walking beside me

"Of course, what is it?" I asked looking at him "Well I'm not saying your idea of running away is bad but, sometimes running from your problems doesn't solve anything." He कहा "I agree to that statement but if she has any feelings for me she would have at least say something while I was telling her I was leaving for good." I कहा "Yeah I guess your right" He कहा plainly


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