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posted by TheOneTruekate
Demon Chapter 1: Desire to Kill

I was always misunderstood. Left out, ignored. As I walked out of my den, two Alphas were hanging around. The bigger one, Jett yelled out, "Hey look! Its that freak alpha Seth!" His friend Storm said, "Yeah!" and they laughed. I ignored them and walked away into the forest. Voices ran around in my head. "He's sp different! That freak! He doesnt have friends! He's dangerous! Dont go near him!.." All those words, are true. I'm a monster. I cant control myself, its very hard to try and hold it in. I cant go one दिन without killing something...or even someone. In the blink of an eye, I went from being द्वारा the river in the forest, to a forest clearing. I heard some rustling in the bushes around me. I yelled out, "Show yourself coward!" Ears perked, I was looking around. The wind blew through my silver and black fur. I was still listening for any sounds. I heard leaves crunch. I looked towards the direction it was coming from, and a silhouette of a भेड़िया came into form. Coming closer to me. As the wind blew, I seemed like there were whispers in it, saying "Monster...." The sun came to a set, and the moon rose quickly. I still stayed in the clearing. I started walking back, and I heard a voice and it said, "Do आप wish to kill? Do you......desire it?"

I looked around and saw if anyone was around me, but no one was there. I ran around and checked in most of the bushes, to see if maybe one of the guys were pranking me. Still, no one was there. As the night ran longer, I still stayed out. I was always a night wolf. As I kept on walking, I felt the urge....the desire....to kill. I started running, my दिल pounding, and I came upon an Omega walking alone to its den. I hid in the bushes, preying it. My silver फर on my back stood up, my teeth started to grow sharp, claws grew long and sharp, and my सोना eyes turned to a blood red. My breath became heavy, and I started lowly growling. My mouth drooling, for death. It was true, I do desire to kill. As I unsheathed my claws a little more, I bared my teeth. I crouched down, ready to attack. Am I a cannibal? या maybe its what they call......a demon.
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Summary: Valentines दिन story! After starting a family Kate and Humphrey could use some time together again after devoting all of it to their pups. They don't mind not having alone time anymore but as the winter comes to a close aunt Lilly steps in and decides that they need a break from the pups for one night. *Short Story*

A/N: Happy early Valentine's दिन everyone, and to celebrate I decided to write a little story for आप all to enjoy. This takes place a महीना या two after the events of A&O 2, which make this my first story to build off of it.

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For one thing this is the best of both worlds! A&O and the age of संगीत I LOVE! 70's ROCK!
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(Here is part 2 enjoy.)

Decemeber 23 04:10 hrs.
Jasper Nation park, Canada.

Nikolai was arriving at my सुरक्षित house, I was with Lev making sure that his wound wouldn't start to bleed out again. I contacted for two medics so they would take Lev inside my सुरक्षित house for surgery when we arrived. Nikolai spoke saying that we were at my सुरक्षित house and he landed the helo. Nikolai dropped the hatch and the two medics came in. They picked Lev up and placed him on the stretcher and I spoke to them. "Get him inside now." The medics did what they were told and took Lev inside and I picked up Frost and got...
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Now greeting to the world vice ala big gong zilla 'alongside skrillex for long! Oh wait, I won't! Ah we a blaze the आग make it bun dem!

"Joshua are आप sure this is right?"

"I am as sure as your death is pointless"

Humphrey rolled his eyes and walked on. 3 miles of walking and they still weren't at the dead घोड़े camp.

"Before आप say आप are looking for someone could आप give me a name?"

"Her name is Kate I प्यार her and she means a lot to me"

"Ha ha प्यार its a funny thing if आप think about it"

Joshua Graham continued walking to the cave of sorrows the hospital of some sort Kate lied in wait clutching...
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