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posted by TheOneTruekate
Demon Chapter 1: Desire to Kill

I was always misunderstood. Left out, ignored. As I walked out of my den, two Alphas were hanging around. The bigger one, Jett yelled out, "Hey look! Its that freak alpha Seth!" His friend Storm said, "Yeah!" and they laughed. I ignored them and walked away into the forest. Voices ran around in my head. "He's sp different! That freak! He doesnt have friends! He's dangerous! Dont go near him!.." All those words, are true. I'm a monster. I cant control myself, its very hard to try and hold it in. I cant go one दिन without killing something...or even someone. In the blink of an eye, I went from being द्वारा the river in the forest, to a forest clearing. I heard some rustling in the bushes around me. I yelled out, "Show yourself coward!" Ears perked, I was looking around. The wind blew through my silver and black fur. I was still listening for any sounds. I heard leaves crunch. I looked towards the direction it was coming from, and a silhouette of a भेड़िया came into form. Coming closer to me. As the wind blew, I seemed like there were whispers in it, saying "Monster...." The sun came to a set, and the moon rose quickly. I still stayed in the clearing. I started walking back, and I heard a voice and it said, "Do आप wish to kill? Do you......desire it?"

I looked around and saw if anyone was around me, but no one was there. I ran around and checked in most of the bushes, to see if maybe one of the guys were pranking me. Still, no one was there. As the night ran longer, I still stayed out. I was always a night wolf. As I kept on walking, I felt the urge....the desire....to kill. I started running, my दिल pounding, and I came upon an Omega walking alone to its den. I hid in the bushes, preying it. My silver फर on my back stood up, my teeth started to grow sharp, claws grew long and sharp, and my सोना eyes turned to a blood red. My breath became heavy, and I started lowly growling. My mouth drooling, for death. It was true, I do desire to kill. As I unsheathed my claws a little more, I bared my teeth. I crouched down, ready to attack. Am I a cannibal? या maybe its what they call......a demon.
Humphrey was transported to crash site two where Garths squad set up a perimiter the good thing was Humphrey wasn't paralized so he limped over to Omega 1 crash and found kates body striped and bloody and he found the rest of the crew but what got to Humphrey was that his girlfriend was dead he sat there holding her body Crying he was on guard though incase of an attack Then there was an explosion and humphrey limped twoard the building they had for the wounded he sat on a cot he couldn't feel his back then he heard a loud explosion and he heard A cry of pain I ran out side and found my Squad...
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posted by lillyomegawolf1
Authors Note: This isn't just a tribute to Lilly and Garth, this लेख is for my mate Garth123. I प्यार आप soo much! <3

I was walking around, minding my own business. And thats when I met him. the cute and hott Garth. I went over to talk to him. I said, "Hi, my names Lilly. And your. . ." "Garth. My names Garth. Your cute Lilly." he told me. As we were talking I began to blush. "He Lilly, would you, uh, like to be my girlfriend?" he asked me.

"Sure." I told him, and he kissed me. We kept walking, and we came into a field of flowers. The फूल and घास were as big as we were, so I ducked...
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posted by kates-mate101
Seth was thrown in the middle of the camp. Winston, whom appeared to be one devious bastard to Seth right now, Stepped up to an overlooking rock. “Let the tests begin.” “What? What fucking tests...” Seth growled. Winston once again ignored Seth. “Lexine, Northrend, Can-do and Isaiah. Batter our new comer. We shall see if he is worthy of the Western pack.” Winston continued. “What! What kind of भेड़िया are you, battering a new comer!” “You have battered our भेड़िया so we will batter you....” Winston finished. “Then आप have sent your भेड़िया to their deaths.” Seth snarled....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I have this fresh on my mind cause I just finished 28 Weeks Later!

They continued to drive through what had used to be small towns but now were either deserted या over run द्वारा infected. Sora looked in the back to see Kate and Humphrey asleep अगला to each other. Sora shed a small tear for them, feeling the pain of how they लॉस्ट their only घर in a matter of seconds. But he felt sorry especially for Kate, the out break must have traumatized her. Sora was getting tired himself and decided to pull over in a relatively सुरक्षित place to sleep. The windows of his car were bullet proof so they should...
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posted by humphrey_shinx
Well I Don't know if good will already have a blog as well but bah i put here some doubts that he left alpha and omega 2
1- One of the most important step with the princess after that she goes?
2- What happening with Winston, Tony, Garth, Lilly, and the other after defeating the wolves?
3- Where was the baby bear?
4- Garth and Lilly finally got a cave?
5- Where was Eve?
And the most important
6- What happening with Humphrey and Kate and their children? What were living there forever? Don't put their responses here and compare xD
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