Half the credit for this goes to HumphreyAlpha-- he helped me write this. Thanks HumphreyAlpha!!!
Bushes behind kodi, a white male wolf, rustled.
A pretty tan female भेड़िया walked out.
Kodi turns around and smiles. Hey, there, girl...
"Hello, kodi." she said.
Kodi jumps. "How do आप know my name?
He took a step back.
"my mother knows your father well, she told me your name" she said.
Kodi raised an eyebrow.
"sorry for, uh coming out of the blue... " she said, looking at the ground shyly.
Kodi kneels down "It's okay..."
"my name's Aleu." she said
"That's a pretty name... As pretty as आप are..." kodi कहा and smiled.
Aleu smiled back. "awww thanks. no one's ever liked me... i've been pretty lonely."
"I find that very hard to believe..." kodi answered.
"I know." Aleu sighed sadly
"Someone as beautiful as you..." kodi smiled slightly.
"i'm looking for a friend... someone like me who cares about others." Aleu said.
She smiled, this time happy.
"Well, you've got a friend in me..." kodi said. (Pun intended)
Aleu laughed "Thank आप kodi!"
"You're welcome Aleu." kodi said.
"the moon is pretty." aleu said.
kodi looks up. "it is."
Aleu watched the clouds float across the moon and sat अगला to kodi.
kodi ran his hand down aleu's back slowly.
"hey, that tickles!" aleu giggles, nudging kodi.
You're ticklish?"
"yeah.... uh oh..." aleu laughs
Kodi grins mischeviously.
Aleu tries to tickle him back.
"I'm not ticklish." kodi smiled.
"You're not? awww!" Aleu pretended to be dissapointed.
"i'd like to दिखाना आप my प्रिय place. its below a cliff on a ledge where आप can be alone and watch nature" she कहा after a while of silence.
"Where is it?" kodi asked.
"its down here..." Aleu leads him down a steep downhill, and they come to the ledge.
"here it is!" aleu said.
"It's very pretty here..." kodi answered.
"yeah... i know..." aleu said.
Kodi sits down on the ledge and aleu scoots a little closer and leans on him a little.
Kodi wraps his arms around aleu's shoulder.
"hmmm hmmm ur nice and warm!" Aleu giggles a little.
"Your फर is very soft..." kodi said.
He stroked it.
"thank you. i brush it with a pinecone every day." aleu said, looking at him and smiling.
They sat there for a while.
"what would आप like to do? i could दिखाना आप my cave-- no one else is there so i'm alone." Aleu said.
" I'd like that." Kodi smiles warmly.
"ok! great! Follow me." (they walk a little ways and come to a big, warm-looking cave)
"Very cozy!" he said.
"i know!" Aleu smiles and shows him a pile of pine leaves that is her bed. "thats where i sleep."
Kodi sat down on it.
"It's very comfy..."
Aleu makes another pile of leaves अगला to it and sits on it.
Kodi smiles.
"want to go for a walk in the woods?" Aleu asked.
"Sure." Kodi said.
"ok" aleu sweeped tail behind her. "let's go." (they walk until they reach a moonlit woods not far away from aleu's den)
"This is beautiful..." he said.
"yeah it is... ooh look, a lily!" (she sees a lily shining in the moonlight.)
Kodi picked the lilly. "Come on over, Aleu..."
Aleu walked towards him. Kodi tucked the lily in her fur.
"thank आप kodi!" Aleu licks him.
Kodi held her face carefully.
Aleu looked into his eyes, her eyes sparkling.
"You're very beautiful." Kodi said.
"thank you. you're handsome." Aleu कहा shyly.
"Thank you, Aleu." Kodi kissed her nose.
Aleu nuzzled him.
"Where have आप been all my life?" Kodi caressed Aleu's fur.
"I don't know... i've been लॉस्ट in a stupid world where my pack hates me." Aleu said.
"Why do आप think your pack hates you?" he asked.
"it's a long story... to make it short-- my pack hated me because i once liked a भेड़िया from the other pack." ever since that they don't like me. but now I met you, Kodi." Aleu smiled.
"That's horrible..."
"i know..."
"Now i'm on my own... kodi can i ask आप something?"
"Of course आप can, Aleu."
"Well... do आप think... आप could stay the night?"
"I can."
"thank you!" Aleu kisses him. She walked back with him to the cave.
"You're welcome." Kodi walked with his hand on Aleu's head.
"here आप go, आप can have the softest pile of leaves." Aleu smiled.
"No, I insist. आप take them." Kodi said.
"oh, ok." she smiled and lay down.
"do आप ever wonder what it's like to have a mate?..." Aleu asked.
"Yeah, I do..." he answered.
"i can see आप and me together." Aleu smiled.
"I can too..." Kodi said.
Aleu smiles sweetly.She lays down again, this time closer to him..
She looks at him, tempting gently, swishing tail.
Kodi rubs her back gently.
"That feels good..." she said.
Kodi massages her neck and ears.
Aleu licked his nose. He kissed her back.
She nuzzles him and presses her head gently against his chest, looking in his eyes.
"You're eyes are so beautiful..."
"thank you.... yours are too..."
he kissed aleu.
"You are amazing..."
"you are too..." she nuzzled him.
She scoots a little closer to him and lies down on her back, looking up at him.
Kodi smiles and fumbles with his shirt.
Aleu takes off everything and exposes her furry beauty.
"You are absolutely radiant." Kodi shed his कमीज, शर्ट and shorts.
Aleu smiles happily and waits for him to make a move.
Kodi rubs her stomach gently. "Does that feel good?"
"yes it does kodi" Aleu swished her tail.
Aleu kisses him and connects with his tongue on hers*
"Mhm.... " Kodi feels himself get stiff.
"you ok?" Aleu moves away slowly with concern
"I'm great. Never better..."
"You sure kodi?" she looked him up and down with a slightly suspicious look.
"I'm great, Aleu. I promise."
"ok..." she smiles a little.
Aleu: *moves closer to him and lies back down on back with legs a little apart*
Kodi: *straddles aleu*
Aleu:*opens her pussy*
Kodi: *licks*
Aleu: *moans softly with erotic pleasure*
Kodi: *licks her clit*
Aleu: *swishes tail, lying on back in her furry naked beauty*
Kodi: Aleu, आप are unbelievably sexy...
Aleu: *laughs seductively*
Kodi: *kisses आप passionately and runs my fingers over your प्यार spot*
Aleu: *opens her pussy and waits, चुंबन him all over, carressing him and moaning soflty*
Kodi: *enters aleu slowly*
Aleu:*moves closer, hugging him*
Kodi: *holds her close*
Aleu: *licks him, straining*
Aleu: *fingers herself*
Kodi: *thrusts inside her*
Aleu: *rocks back and forth inside him, excitement and pain building up, threatening to release her orgasm*
"I can't hold on much longer" Aleu gasped.
"I'm going to--"
Kodi: *howls as he comes*
Aleu: *Walls of her thing close around his cock* *moans*
Kodi: *gasps*
"kodi i think i'm gonna--OHHHHHHH!"
Aleu: *releases cum*
"Oh yes!" kodi said.
"Ahhhhhhmmmmm..... "*groans* "ooohhhhhyyyyeeessss lover!"
Kodi: *gasps*
Aleu: *pants*
"Well, maybe we should go to बिस्तर now?" Aleu suggested after they had calmed.
"it's up to you." kodi grins.
"okay, well, i'm going to बिस्तर then." *Aleu curls up on pine leaves with her muzzle tucked onto her tail, peacefully breathing, starlight shining on her fur*
Kodi: strokes her फर lovingly.
Aleu smiles in her sleep, swishing her tail a little
Kodi grins at her.
Aleu's ears prick as she hears a भालू growl nearby outside the den, and she opens her eyes, sitting up, alert.
"Oh no! a bear!" Aleu cried.
"Oh shit!" Kodi picks up a rock.
Aleu cautiously walked outside, her nose sniffing the air.
Suddnely, the भालू swiped at her and she fell to the ground, blood starting to flow out of a deep cut in her hind leg.
"No!" kodi shouted.
Kodi throws the rock and pulls an FN FAL out of his bag.
Aleu's eyes opened a little and she watched kodi.
Kodi fires two shots into the air, directed awau from the भालू trying to scare it away.
aleu lifted her head up weakly.
"Back up, Aleu." kodi warned.
Aleu got to her paws and backed away.
Kodi fires another shot, this time into the ground in front of the bear. the भालू ran away, this time away far into the bushes.
"Thank you, kodi!" aleu smiled happily.
puts the gun down and hugs Aleu "You're welcome....."
she tried to walk towards him closer but her cut made her fall down again.
"Uhhhhh!" she panted and whimpered.
"Here, let me have a look at that cut..." Kodi crouches down अगला to aleu.
Aleu holds out her hurt hind leg.
Kodi pulls out a first aid kit. "It doesn't look too bad. I might have to give आप a shot to ease the pain."
"okay." aleu looked at the first aid kit.
Kodi picks up a small syringe and fills it. "This will only hurt a very tiny bit."
Aleu flinches a tiny bit when he gives her the shot. "oh, that's better, thank आप kodi."
" I'm not quite finished yet. That cut is deep. I'll have to stitch it up."
" oh...." Aleau was a little scared. "okay...."
Kodi gets out the needle and thread and starts. "These things will dissolve after a few weeks. You'll be just fine, Aleu."
"thanks kodi." Aleu smiled.
"You're very welcome." there was silence for a moment. "Would आप like to come stay with me?"
"That would be great kodi!" she smiles and licks him.
"where is your house? do आप have one?"
"Let me put that gun up and I'll pick आप up, okay?" Kodi throws the FAL back in the bag.
He shoulders the bag and picks Aleu up.
Aleu smiles up at him.
Kodi brushes her फर absentmindedly.
Aleu giggled.
"What?" kodi asked.
"You look kind of funny wen you're all absent-minded." Aleu giggles a little again.
Kodi laughs.
"so... were आप going to दिखाना me your house?"
"Yep. But we have to go for a bit of a drive"
Kodi approaches a Dodge नाग, सांप ACR.
"okay i'm up for a drive, i don't mind." Aleu said, smiling.
Kodi opens aleu's door and belts her in.
Aleu settles herself down in the seat.
kodi gets in on his side and starts the engine.
Aleu turns her head to watch the land out the window.
Kodi shifts into first and pulls the car away.
Aleu happily thumps her tail gently on the seat, feeling wind in her head-fur.
"You like the wind?" kodi asked.
Aleu smiles "yeah!"
"Want me to go faster?"
"sure!" Aleu grins.
"How fast?"
"as fast as आप can go?"
"I can do that."
Kodi drops from 6th to 3rd and hammers the throttle.
"whooooooohhhoooooooo!" Aleu laughs.
"Fast enough for ya?"
a few मिनटों later, Aleu curls up in a ball with her head propped on the opening of the window so she still has her head in the wind. She smiles, watches scenery blurring द्वारा as they drive further and further.
Kodi grins and slows down a little. Aleu slowly falls asleep.
Kodi looks over as he drives and smiles.
Aleu sleeps until she wakes up.
"Hey, there, sleepyhead." Kodi said.
"hi." Aleu smiles.
"You woke up at a bad time..."
"why?" Aleu looks around.
"A lot of traffic."
"Are we almost there, though?"
"Getting there."
"Okay." Aleu puts head back down onto tail.
Kodi rubs her ears.
Aleu smiles, closing eyes. She drifts back into sleep.
Kodi smiles and keeps driving
Aleu twitches her tail in sleep, dreaming of kodi.
She keeps sleeping as he drives, moving one her legs या tail every once in a while.
Kodi rubs her back when they get close.
Kodi instinctively snuggles up अगला to him in her sleep, laying her head between his legs.
Kodi rubs her head. "We're here..."
Aleu's eyes open "ooh, yay!"
In front of them was a two story house, white stone, and light colored brick to match.
"wow, it's really nice! and i only had a CAVE!" aleu laughed.
"Well, in here, you've got और अंतरिक्ष than anything आप could think of!"
"that's great!"
"Your own room, everything..."
Aleu looks up at him and speaks in a softer voice. "kodi, thank आप for letting me stay with you."
She licks him
Kodi kisses her back. "It's alright, Aleu."
"could i see my room?" she smiles.
"Sure... आप can pick which one आप want. I've got a few open."
Kodi gets out of car and locks it.
Aleu follows kodi. Kodi unlocks the door and gestures for aleu to go in.
"Apres vous."

Aleu walks inside.
"Would आप like to see your room?"
"Yes, i would." she swishes her tail excidetly
"Follow me, please..." kodi walks down the hall.
Aleu trails behind him. "okay."
Kodi opens a door. "Here we are!"
Aleu gasps. "Wow!"
The place was a big room, dark wooden furniture, TV, Soft comfortor on the bed.
She its on bed. "soft! oh thank आप kodi!!!!" she hugs him.
Kodi hugs back. "You're very welcome."
Aleu smiles. "soooo..... maybe I can make a snack?"
"Of course..." Kodi sits अगला to her on the bed. "What would आप like?
"Hmm... do आप have PB&J?"
"I believe so..." He heads to kitchen.
Aleu thinks to herself: kodi is so nice. i प्यार him
Kodi returns with a PB&J
Kodi sits down अगला to her.
Aleu eats the खाना and licks kodi.
Kodi kisses Aleu. Aleu lies down on bed.
"Are आप tired?" Kodi asked.
"A little, yeah." Aleu said.
"Would आप like to take a nap?" Kodi asked.
"sure..... what about you?" She asked.
"I could use a nap..."
Aleu slid herself under covers. Kodi snuggles up अगला to Aleu.
Kodi wraps his arm around her shoulder.
Aleu puts head on his chest and Kodi rubs her ears.
Aleu puts one arm around him. Kodi lightly kisses her brow.
Aleu puts her nose on his gently and he rubs noses with her. She presses her face into his chest फर and he sighs happily
Aleu falls asleep and kodi falls asleep a little later.
About an घंटा later Aleu wakes up Kodi stays asleep. Aleu smiles, sighs happily, and goes back to sleep, moving closer. Kodi wakes halfway up, wraps his arm around her, then falls back asleep.
Awhile later, Sunlight shines on her face and she wakes up, moving a little. Kodi gets woken द्वारा the movement.
Aleu looks at him.
"sorry, did i wake आप up?"
"okay." she smiles, and moves back onto him
"You're very soft..."
Aleu giggles. "you are too!"
Kodi ruffles her fur.
She kissed him and he kissed her back.