The sun in Jasper was starting to go down and the Alphas had just returned with the day's kill. Humphrey sat in his मांद, डेन as his new mate walked in and kissed him. "So how did it go Kate?" Humphrey asked. "Oh fine, got a couple caribou for us today." Kate कहा with a smile. They were just about to dig in when Eve walked in. "Hi mom!" Kate said, nuzzling her mother. "Eve, I didnt do anything! I swear!" Humphrey cried. "Oh Humphrey, quit being a baby and come give आप mother-in-law a hug!" Eve said. Humphrey did so and hugged Eve. "See? I only hurt those who threaten my daughter. Plus, आप are helping bring my gran-pups into the world!" Eve said. Humphrey gulped at the word "pup" he and Kate had not really talked about having kids yet. They do have sex every now and then but he never impregnates her. "So what brings आप here mom?" Kate said. "Oh just checking in." Eve replied. She suddenly started coughing. "Mom, that's a nasty cough." Kate said. "Honey, don't worry about me. I maybe catching something." Eve said. "Well, bye!" Eve said, walking out. "I'm starting to like your mom!" Humphrey said. "She always liked आप Humphrey, those were just misunderstandings." Kate said, groaning. "Anyway, lets eat." Humphrey said. "Yeah, I'm fucking starving." Kate added.

After रात का खाना they curled up अगला to each other watching the moon rise. "Kate, have आप ever wondered why we howl at the moon?" Humphrey asked. "Well, I was taught that the moon is our god and howling pleases it." Kate said. "Really? I never thought of it that way." Humphrey said. "Well, it's just a story. Really its tradition passed on for thousands of years." Kate explained. Kate suddenly kissed Humphrey on the lips. Humphrey was taken back. "Woah, that was hot." Humphrey said. "Hot? आप want hot? How about I tell आप that I am in heat right now." Kate said. "Heat?" Humphrey asked. Kate rolled her eyes. "Its an erotic way of saying I am horny fuck me hard." she said. "Ah, now I see!" Humphrey grinned. Humphrey mounted her and entered her. Kate groaned in delight as Humphrey pounded her ass. "Humphrey! Fuck me hard!" Kate cried. Humphrey could not even talk. He kept picturing Kate and how he knew her for a long time. He always thought it was funny that he would end up fucking his best friend. With that, he pulled out of her and sprayed Kate with his SAS. "Oh Humphrey, I प्यार you." Kate said, sweating and panting. "I प्यार आप too sexy." Humphrey replied. With that, the two fell asleep in the moonlight.

Kate then awoke to Hutch standing over her. "Kate!" he cried. "What?" she replied, waking Humphrey. "It's Eve. Something is wrong with her." Hutch panicked. "What?" Kate said, running to her parents den. She arrived to see Winston, Lilly, Garth, and Tony surrounding her. "MOM!?" Kate cried, running to her. Winston then grabbed her. "Kate don't get near her, she is sick." Winston said. Kate looked at her mom in pure horror. She was breathing slowly and bleeding from the eyes and the mouth. Even her lower areas were pouring blood. Some of her skin was falling off and muscle and bone were exposed. "Whats wrong with her?" Lilly asked, fighting tears. "Honey, I don't know. She started coughing up blood and crying it. She acted like she was in pain. I have never seen this disease before." Winston said. Eve then woke up. " hurts." she moaned. Kate was scared out of her mind. Eve then threw up again and this time she threw up her intestine. Lilly was freaking out and Eve moaned as she vomited blood and guts out. Kate screamed as skin fell off her mom. "It hurts! Help me!" Eve screamed. She threw up one last time and this time her lungs. She then went limp as the pool of blood covered the floor of the den. "MOM!" Lilly cried. Garth held her close and comforted her. Winston did not cry, he just stood there, फ्रोज़न in terror. He could not even process the death of his mate. "No...Eve...." he cried. "What the hell was that!?" Kate screamed.

To be continued.