Alright I have special pics of A&O2 now it's up to आप guys on what I should do.
First should I make a slideshow about Kate and what she looks like
सेकंड should I make one about Lily. Now about Lily,shes pregnant in this movie.
Third should I make a slide दिखाना about everything I have so far.
It's up to everybody out there so start to decide.
प्रिय pics described.
Pic 1: Lily with garths paw on her stomach
Pic 2: Kate and humprey at moonlight howl
Pic 3: Lily laying unconscious
Pic 4: Kate fighting a Delta
Pic 5: Lily and her pups
Pic 6: Kate talking to Lily
Pic 7: Garth and Lily at moonlight howl
Pic 8: Kate helping Lily up