The अगला दिन I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and got ready. I had to be at my bus stop द्वारा 8:00 a.m. 7:50 rolled द्वारा and I put my shoes on, and lifted my heavy नितंब, गधा backpack onto my shoulders.
“I’m leaving Humphrey!”
Humphrey rushed down. He jumped into my arms and gave my a nice long kiss. His tongue was soft and sweet. I put him down and opened the door.
“Uriah wait!”
“I want to say something.”
“Go ahead.”
“I प्यार you.”
I smiled, “Oh I प्यार आप too!”
I hugged him and headed out. It was probably about 7:56 द्वारा the time I headed out. I was about half was down my सड़क, स्ट्रीट when I saw my bus stop at the end of the road.
“Shit I gotta run!” I yelled.
I ran to my bus. Janet, my bus driver is very lenient when it comes to the kids being late to the bus stop.
“Thanks for waiting,” I said.
“You’re welcome.”
She drove off and soon arrived at my school. I ride bus number 1, but at one time it was 7. 31 and 4 were actually already at the scholl with 19 trailing behind us. I came to my friend Nick and sat down.
“Hey, Nick, Humphrey is living with me at my house. We made out! How do आप feel about that?”
“Humphrey’s not fucking real fucking fucker!”
If I knew my friend Nick, he probably कहा the F-word 100 times a day. He was a small kid too, but द्वारा his actions, he seems like a bully.
“Screw you!”
At about 8:40, five मिनटों before school started, my other friend, Shane arrived.
“Wassup,” I greeted
“Hey,” Shane said.
“Humphrey from Alpha and Omega is living with me at my house.”
“I’d wonder about you, but it’d take up too many brain cells.”
I always loved when he कहा that. First and सेकंड period passed and I came to my third period which was Spanish. My friend, Mark sat अगला to me in in that class.
“Humphrey is living with me at my house,” I said.
“I haven’t heard आप say anything smart.”
“You remind me of Shane.”
“Am I as boring as him?”
“Good point.”
“I hate how Humphrey is blue!”
“I hate Humphrey and blue is my प्रिय color.”
“Ahh! I got the message.”
The rest of the दिन past and I got on my bus to go home. Humphrey was impatient and was freaking out. He started to get in a motion that looked like he was mounting the ground. I came through the door and he rushed to me and jumped into my arms.
“Oh man! I missed आप much! Don’t leave me like that again! I don’t think I can handle it!”
“I have to do that every दिन Monday through Friday.”
Humphrey fell to the ground.
“I don’t प्यार आप anymore. I’m out to find someone else.”
I thought for a मिनट या two.
“Humphrey, maybe आप can come with me.”
“I can? Thank you!”
“Tomorrow आप can sneak out with me.”
“Cool! So, your parents aren’t going to be back for a few hours, we can do anything.”
“Yeah. What do आप want to do?”
“Can we pay some video games?”
“You want to? Do आप know how to play?”
“I’ll guess.”
“Alright, we’ll try.”
I put Halo Reach in my Xbox and we started playing. I also showed him how to play.
“I’ll go easy on you. This is your first time playing.”
Humphrey killed me before I could take one shot.
“Woah! Ok, I’ll go a little harder on…”
He killed me again.
“Ok, I’m going all my skill.”
He took me down even with all my skill.
“I don’t know how you’re so good!”
My parents got घर the night passed nice. That night, Humphrey and I laid together again.
“Hey Uriah.”
“Do आप think we could go a little further with our love?”
“You know, stick and pot.”
I still was puzzled. Humphrey showed me the sign.
“Oh that! Ooh! That’s a big advancement, as much as I’d प्यार to I just don’t know.”
Humphrey gave me his begging face. He wanted it.
“Alright, lets go!”
I started चुंबन him first. There wasn’t anything coming yet. He rolled on चोटी, शीर्ष of me, however, he fell asleep before he made one thrust.
“Umm, Humphrey.”
He didn’t answer.
“We can sleep like this tonight.”
The अगला morning, Humphrey got up with me.
“I’m heading to work goat!” My dad said.
“Bye dad! प्यार you!”
My mom also was out to work.
“Alight, it 7:50. I usually leave about this time.”
“Ok why do we leave so early if आप school starts at 8:45?”
“I have to be at the bus stop द्वारा 8:00.”
We walked to the bus stop. I drew a lot of attention. Not only that, but I also got और respect.
“Hey Uriah, who’s the wolf?” Sydney, a girl that like to mess with me asked.
“This is Humphrey.”
“Hi! I like you!”
“That’s so creepy!”
I kneed down. When I kneel down, he’s a bit taller than me.
“Dude, आप can’t say stuff like that.”
“Of sorry! हे what bus do आप ride?”
“I ride 1. Sometimes it’ll be 7 though.”
24 actually came and picked us up. Mr. Mike, the driver of 24 is a substitute for the busses. He’s my personal favorite.
“Hey, Mr. Mike!” I greeted.
“What’s goin’ on?”
I sat in the सीट right behind Mr. Mike. I sit there when he drives and when Janet is driving. Mr. Mike saw Humphrey get on and stopped him.
“Woah, भेड़िया aren’t allowed at school.”
“He’s with me,” I said.
“Did आप get permission?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“Ok, sorry, go ahead.”
“Humphrey, this is Mr. Mike. He is a substitute bus driver, but he’s my personal favorite.”
“Hi, Mr. Mike! I’m Humphrey.”
“Nice to meet you.”
We came across the railroad tracks.
“Oh, also stay द्वारा my side. The campus monitors might harass आप along with the other kids.”
“Why the campus monitors?”
“They’ll say आप don’t belong here.”
“Oh, why?”
“You know what? I gotta get a pass from the counseling office.”
“Ok, go ahead.”
The bus pulled into the school lot.
“Bye Mr. Mike.”
“Have a good day.”
We nearly got to the counseling office, but we were already harassed द्वारा a campus monitor.
“This भेड़िया can’t be here. He has to go back to where he belongs.”
“I’m going to the counseling office to get permission to bring him.”
“You have to get permission ahead of time. I’ll let आप do it this time, but अगला time he has to be taken.”
“Ok, thanks.”
We came into the counseling office.
“That भेड़िया can’t be in here.”
“That’s what I came in about. I want to get permission to have him at school for the week.”
“He needs to be interviewed first. We can’t have a बिना सोचे समझे भेड़िया come in here.”
“Ok, thanks. I’ll wait in here.”
About 15 मिनटों later they came out.
“It’s a positive. He can be here for a week.”
“You need to sign this.”
I signed the paper and Humphrey got a pass. It was about 8:30 and I came to Nick.
“This is Humphrey.”
Nick was speechless.
“Nice to meet you.”
“He’s fucking real!”
Shane came and saw Humphrey.
“It doesn’t take as many brain cells to think about आप as I originally thought!”
“I told आप I wasn’t crazy.”
The घंटी, बेल rung and we went to first period with Mrs. Dailey.
“Hey, Mrs. Dailey, the counseling office told me to tell all my teachers that my भेड़िया friend, Humphrey, has to sit in a डेस्क around me. I have a pass.”
“Ok, he can sit in the empty डेस्क in front of आप and behind Keyshaun.”
“Humphrey this is my Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Dailey.”
“Hi! Nice to meet you!”
“Nice to meet आप too!
Humphrey sat down in front of me. My friend, Alex, (It sounds like I have a lot of फ्रेंड्स but I really don’t) saw him.
“Oh wow! I’m sure that’s just a guy in a costume.”
I laughed hard, “Dude, this is really Humphrey.”
“Alex sit down, the bell’s about to ring,” Mrs. Dailey said.
“Ok, then.”
The घंटी, बेल rang then the morning announcements came.
“Where’s that voice coming from?” Humphrey asked.
“That’s just the PA speaker.”
Humphrey met my Science teacher Mr. Scholz, and Spanish teacher Mrs. Coleman. During lunch, My English teacher, Mrs. England came.
“Hi Uriah, lovely दिन isn’t it?”
“Yup it is.”
Mrs. England continued talking to me in a motherly voice.
“Is that some other family member I should know about?” Humphrey asked.
“No, that’s my English teacher,” I said.
“She’s really mother-like. When do we have her?”
“The अगला two periods.”
“Is she like that in class?”
The lunch period ended and we went to English. Humphrey easily thought Mrs. England was creepy. He met my P.E. teacher, Mrs. Silva and last he met my Math teacher, Mrs. Carpenter. It was a good day. I can’t believe he loved the whole day. Mr. Mike was sustituting again on the bus.
That night we got to bed. I set my alarm to 5:50.