The pack formed a 56 car convoy. That is the whole pack going after Debbie! Debbie didn’t know what was coming but she was fully prepared for the most part. They arrived at the house she was at. Hutch was the leader and switch his PA radio speakers to external.
“Debbie, we all know you’re in there! Come out now and surrender!”
“Screw आप wolves!” Debbie yelled.
Hutch radioed Cando and Claw, “Yo, Cando, Claw, get in your turrets! We’ll have to threaten her!”
Cando and Claw loaded their turrets, “We got 80 Caliber mounted turrets in 2 of घंटा trucks! Don’t make us fire!”
Debbie sent out two henchmen. Both of them were Annihilated द्वारा those turrets.
“Mooch, Johnny, prepare to आग your missiles!”
Debbie came out with thousands of henchmen.
“This is going to be one hell of a war!” Hutch said.
Cando and Claw were firing their turrets in unison. This was a massive war. Johnny was throwing knives at all the henchmen almost like how Debbie was throwing knives at Humphrey.
“I hate आप all! आप deserve this!”
Cando stopped firing, “I’m out of shells!”
“You can used some of mine!” Scar offered.
“Thanks man!”
Shakey and Salty were sitting there scared.
“I hate wars!” Shakey whimpered.
Salty thought Shakey was अभिनय weird. Some of the henchmen retreated. The henchmen were dying off. They were actually outnumbered द्वारा now. Mooch ran out of bullets and started pouncing on the henchmen. It was cute but it look painful for the henchmen.
“Way to go uncle Mooch!” Johnny yelled.
This was a long and short war. It was also fun… if आप were a wolf.
“Take this आप henchmen!” Faolan yelled
Faolan threw a grenade. The remaining 30 henchmen retreated. Debbie was npw single handed. No matter, so were the wolves.
“Guys, I’m going to finish this!” Hutch said.
“No!” Johnny stopped Hutch, “He killed my father! The son is the one that’s supposed to get revenge!”
“I’ll do it!” Kate said, “He killed my mate!”
“No! I’m finishing this once and for all!” Johnny yelled.
Johnny and Debbie circled each other.
“Alright old lady! It’s आप and me now!”
“Don’t expect to win! I took down Humphrey, I can take down his son!”
Debbie threw a knife. Johnny dodged that easily.
“You gotta be able to do better than that!”
They stopped circling each other. Johnny threw a rock at Debbie. She wasn’t able to dodge but he missed.
“Oh this is going to be fun.”
Debbie only had one चाकू left. She could not miss Johnny. With his amazing dodging capabilities, it couldn’t happened.
“Johnny catch!” Cando yelled.
Cando tossed Johnny an M-14 Semi-auto rifle.
“Thanks uncle Cando!”
Johnny shot a bullet he missed. He shot another one, he missed. He took a deep breath. Debbie was just about to throw the knife, but Johnny pulled the trigger. He shot her right in the cranium.
“Victory! Sweet Victory!” Johnny yelled.
The भेड़िया cheered. But the momentum of the चाकू coming out of Debbie’s hand had enough power to strike Johnny right in the chest.
“Ahh! Just like my dad!”
Johnny fell to the ground with blood through his wound.
“No! Johnny!”
Kate came to Johnny.
“Johnny! Please don’t go! You’re the only भेड़िया I have left!”
Ashley approached Johnny’s body.
“Johnny! I’m confessing my प्यार to आप right now! Since the first time we met, I was in love! I’ll mate with आप if आप come back! Please!”
“He’s gone,” Tony said, “It’s too late.”
Cando put the PA radio on his truck on external.
“I can’t believe I didn’t think of this when Humphrey, Winston, या Eve died.”
Cando turned on Metallica’s St. Anger, “Oops wrong song,” He turned on the Unforgiven instead, “If आप know this song, feel free to sing along.”
About a मिनट into the song, Johnny rose gripping the knife.
“Can someone help me pull this out?”
“Oh my God! It’s a miracle!” Ashley yelled.
Tony approached Johnny, “All right, आप gotta lay down.”
“Just to warn आप this will hurt a little bit. Well actually a lot.”
Tony put pressure where the wound was gripped the sharp part of the चाकू and slowly pulled it out.
“Are आप ok?”
“I’ll be fine.”
They heard a familiar voice, “I’m stuck in here! Help me out.”
“I’m coming sir!” Hutch yelled.
Hutch came and freed the man, “Oh my God! Guys it’s Humphrey!”
“I’ve been dead then I respawned in that closet.”
“I’m so glad my Omega brother is back!”
Everyone gathered around Humphrey. They formed a pack hug.
“Well, we have time to kill, let’s have another one!” Humphrey said.
“We’re trapped in here!”
“Winston and Eve are trapped in a closet just lie Humphrey was.”
They hit the road.
“Hey Johnny,” Ashley said.
“I’m not sure if आप heard me confess my love, but I कहा I would mate with आप if आप didn’t leave me.”
“You really कहा that?”
“Yes, and I want to.”
“Aww, thank you.”
Johnny contacted the other drivers, “Guys, I’m gonna pull off real quick. Go ahead and continue to Jasper.”
“Go ahead Johnny.”
They pulled off and had some fun at the rest. It was sweet victory!