Warning sexual content!

She moved off my pants and we got closer together,
"Do me." She कहा quietly
"I will." I कहा sticking me into her. She started moving and i हटाइए with her we did this for a while then I cummed in her and she wanted और we did this until I fell asleep in her. In the morning we ate breakfast and then called my mom,
"Hey mom,"
"I'm bringing घर some nature to conserve!"
"Oh. Really? What's that?" I hesitated but managed to say the words,
"It's a... a rare type of dog!"
"Really? What breed?" 'AH shit!' I was thinking,
"Uhm. She's Um 99% भेड़िया and 1%... Human?"
"Huh ok then, but what do आप mean द्वारा human?"
"She can talk,"
"Oh well now आप have someone else other than yourself and आप reach action figures,"
"I know right!"
"Ok well Me and Brian( my step-dad. and my real dad's first name is Brian too lol)
will be at work late so feel free to दिखाना your new pet around!"
"K. Thanks mom!" I कहा hanging up,
"Gee Kate your just like me!"
"Hows that?" she asked,
"Nether of us talk a lot!" I laughed,
"C'mon. lets get a हटाइए on!"
"OK!" Kate followed close behind me, when we got on the bus we headed to the airport. There was one problem I thought of though, with security proticals she wouldn't be able to fly with me on the plane, but with the cargo there was a chance. I told the bus driver to drop us of near a pet store so I could get a pet carrier to go on the plane. When we got to the store the driver couldn't wait because of his schedule. But I didn't care. We went into the Petsmart store and i decided to claim her my property(by getting a कॉलर if u were confused face)and then got a pet carrier. They were pretty cheap too! I put the कॉलर on Kate and said,
"This is a collar. It tells information like what your name is, who आप belong to and other stuff like that!"
"Oh that's cool." she said, I looked at the man at the counter and he was staring at me,
"What? She's a rare type of dog!"
"Oh" कहा the clerk. We walked out to the bus stop and went to the airport.

Hours later I got of the plane in Buffalo and went to the baggage claim and hugged mom,
"where's your new pet?"
"You know security these days mom!"
"Oh yah right,"she said, I walked over to the baggage claim and got Kate. We walked out to the car,
"Hey mom can Kate sit in back with me?"
"Who's Kate?"(my moms a bit slow.)
"Mom... Kate's my dog." I chuckled.
"Oh right, Sure just clean up any mess she makes."
"Okay" I released Kate from her imprisonment in the carrier and opened the door.she got in and then the rest of us did too. When we got in Kate introduced herself,
"Hello, My name is Kate and it's a pleasure to met you!" my mom and Brian looked at each other. Brian managed to mumble hi.
"That's my step-dad Brian he Always mumbles(he does too)," I whispered to Kate
"Hello I'm Melinda आप can just call me Mrs. Pitcher! And this is my husband Brian आप can call him Mr. Pitcher." My mom smiled and looked at me confused,
"She's a rare type of dog remember?" My mom looked forwards,
"so Elijah where's your real dad?"
"He lives in Minnesota. My mom and him विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें when I was four,"
"Oh i'm sorry."
"Don't be!" I कहा enthusiastically,"We're going to go see him in mom help me out here..."
"Yah tomorrow"
"Oh that's cool. Do आप think he'll like me?"
"He will प्यार to see a talking animal!"