As we woke the अगला morning and ate,I finally got to ask her the only सवाल I had been thinking since we met.
"I've been meaning to ask you-"I started and was cut of द्वारा Kelly's very exited voice,
"Would आप like to go... Lone-Wolf with me?" I कहा as I prepared myself for the अगला words out of her mouth,
"Well... Yes I'll go Lone-Wolf with you."
"You will?"
"Thank you, I will never leave you, thats why I asked आप to come."She blushed at me saying this and began,
"And I will never lea-" She was cut of द्वारा Joey which just walked in our den.
"What's happening guys?"
"Well... Me and Kelly are... Leaving." Joey jumped surprised we were leaving.
"Your leaving? But आप just got here two days पूर्व an-"
"Joey... Two days is a long time for me. I need to see और places, And thank god that I won't be alone," I gesture towards Kelly,"Don't worry man we'll be fine. We'll come back and visit when were in town, trust me we'll see each other again. I promise."I smiled and put my paw on his shoulder.
"No आप can't go because me and Kate are फ्रेंड्स with you,and we won't let आप go!" Joey कहा in an angry voice and left for his मांद, डेन to tell Kate.When i saw him enter his मांद, डेन I turned to Kelly,
"C'mon now's our chance!" we started walking to the forest's edge. When we got there, I turn to say good-buy to the valley, then I looked over a joey's मांद, डेन then Joey popped out with Kate, then I looked at Kelly,
"Shit! Let's GO!" I yelled looking back and I saw Joey and Kate running after us. After a few मिनटों we लॉस्ट them. We came upon another pack's scout. She was friendly though, I could see this when she walked up to us.
"Hello are आप part of pack a mile south of here?" she asked us kindly. Kelly was panting so I answered,
"Not anymore." I said.
"Oh. आप guys are Lone-Wolves I've seen some of them pass through here before! It's been a while since Ive seen some though. द्वारा the way I'm Kat...