After the remembernce song for garth humphrey was driving at 90 twoard Wolfiey's house he was gonna kill Wolfiey because Wolfiey killed His friend He was so mad then A car swerved into his lane and he didnt have time to react and they collided Humphreys car fliped 8 times ripping everything off the car when it stoped humphrey was knocked out blood leaking from his mouth. He woke and went to sit up but sat back down and cried in pain he looked down to his chest to find a rod from the roll cage in his car stuck in his chest and then a para medic came over he was in so much pain the paramedic carried Humphrey to a strecher and he saw kate she had tears in her eyes and right अगला to her stood john Humphrey smiled before the रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस doors closed and they began the jounery to the hospital they got to the ER and they put humphrey on a hospital बिस्तर and they straped his arms and legs down and they began to try to remove the bar out of his chest he was screaming in pain then it came out and blood went everywhere he freaked out and started crying saying 'Oh god help me Oh god' and then he passed out and woke to kates beautiful face she कहा 'Hey humphrey' and humphrey कहा in a dry voice 'Hey baby how are आप doing and wheres my buddy john?' and she कहा 'Well he right here but umm... he is kinda scard for life of seeing ya with that pole in your chest' and he कहा 'Kate do आप mind staying here with me until i heal cause i प्यार आप and im worried Wolfiey will come after you' and she कहा 'Sure anything for my humphrey' they both kissed and kate left with john to go pack some stuff...[END OF Part 7]