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After Nars asked her to go on a date, Daria went घर and got her porcupine family to help. Fran, Frieda and Daria were in the pond as the two porcupines washed Daria's fur.

"My goodness Daria, you're growing up so fast. I can't believe you're already go on a तारीख, दिनांक with another wolf," Fran टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे with joy.

"I knew आप would snag yourself a man sooner या later," Frieda added.

"It's just a miracle that Nars wanted to ask such a dull she-wolf like me on a date," Daria said.

"Oh come now dear, आप have a lot things that attract wolves," Frieda objected, "you've got a sweet and adorable face, a kind,...
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This takes place during the morning of the पूर्व chapter


For a third time, Nars found himself in the void that only existed within his dreams. He knew that he would meet Maya again. Though he was confused as to why he was summoned.

Speaking of the devil, the ghostly she-wolf appeared once again in front of Nars.

"Hello Nars," Maya spoke with her goddess-like voice, "it's a pleasure seeing आप again."

"And I could say the same," Nars replied, "why am I here again?"

"I summoned आप here to meet someone," Maya answered.

"Meet someone," Nars was confused द्वारा who Maya wanted him to meet.

"Yes, she-wolf...
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Western Pack

Daria woke up in her मांद, डेन as rays of sun beamed down onto her face. As she got up, Floyd was starting to wake up.

"Damn and I was that dream again where I had two girls on each of my side," Floyd groaned causing Daria to giggle a little.

"I'm sorry Floyd but I wanted to visit Nars in the Northern Pack today," Daria responded.

"Oh really," Floyd replied with a interested at Daria's statement.

Since he knew everything that happened yesterday with her and Nars, Floyd knew that Daria wanted to thank Nars for his help the other day. Floyd saw that those two developed some chemistry with each...
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As he opened his eyes, Nars found himself in an all too familiar setting. The void of whiteness.

"This place again," Nars said.

"It seems you've surprised me Nars," Nars jumped at the elderly she भेड़िया appearing behind him.

"What the hell, don't do scare me like that," Nars as he breathed heavily.

"My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you," the she भेड़िया said.

"Look what do आप want? I already apologized to Daria and made up with Floyd," Nars said.

"I did not come here to ask आप for a favor," the she भेड़िया said. "Only to thank आप for admitting your faults to Daria and to apologize on behalf of...
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It was nighttime at the Northern Pack as Nars watched his pups sleep. He was still thinking about his meeting with Daria earlier that afternoon. Nars felt really bad for how he treated her. What's worse was that he didn't even admit that it was pretty much all his fault. At least Daria had the reasonable explanation that she couldn't see him.

Shaking his head, Nars decided to go to sleep. At that moment he had an idea; maybe he could stay at the Western Pack after dropping his kids off tomorrow and look for Daria and apologize to her.

"Yeah that'll work, unless that weird porcupine stops," Nars...
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It was a cool late autumn afternoon in Jasper Park as some pups were playing outside of the Pack Leader's मांद, डेन in the Western Pack. These pups included Kate and Humphrey's three pups and Lilly and Garth's six pups. Runt and Claudette were happy that Magril and Fleet could visit. Stinky's girlfriend, Artemis was away on vacation with her family.

Speaking of Magril and Fleet, Nars was walking his pups to the Western Pack to play with their friends. He was proud that his pups were growing up and dating other wolves... though he was still sad about this fact. Fleet and Magril were all he had after...
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