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 Kendall Hart played द्वारा Alicia Minshew
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This All My Children चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप. There might also be आकर्षण, अपील, गरमी, आकर्षकता, गर्मता, त्वचा, skintone, नंगा रंग, आंशिक तन, निहित नग्नता, स्कंटोन, नग्न रंग, आंशिक नग्नता, and अव्यक्त नग्नता.

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Monday April 11:

Asher gets himself in trouble and needs Caleb’s help.

Kendall opens up to Ricky.

Bad karma seems to be surrounding Jackson and Erica’s wedding.

Kendall tells Jesse about the missing drugs.

Ricky reassures Kendall.

Asher realizes Caleb was heading to the wedding uninvited.

Tuesday April 12:

Angie encourages Jesse not to quit his job.

Maya wants a job at the Chandler mansion.

Iris comes down hard on Jesse.

Wednesday April 13:

Caleb declares his प्यार and asks Erica to take a chance with him.

Ricky admits to Jackson that he has feelings for Kendall.

Ricky works to get Kendall’s...
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