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First of all: This is not mine, this is an opinion लेख that I found in Live Journal and "princessatta" wrote it... Please read, it`s very interesting


Sometimes there are ships which defy all logic and are nonsensical. They transcend all time and translation. Or, in the case of Alice Kingsleigh and Tarrant Hightopp of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Time is killed altogether so that the ship can have a chance! Welcome to the ship that is Hatter/Alice (or Halice).

A Little History Behind Them

The idea of shipping Alice and the Mad Hatter is most indeed one that is curiouser and...
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Note: Alice in Wonderland is not created and owned द्वारा me. This is a story for this website and Fanfiction.net.

Alice saw Tarrant dressed as a lifeguard and कहा "Hi Tarrant. What's going on?"

Tarrant कहा "I'm working on a experiment involving hats."

Alice कहा "I don't understand what you're talking about."

Tarrant कहा "I'm used to hearing that. I'm trying to make hats that can float in water which is why I'm going to be a lifeguard today."

Alice कहा "I didn't know that there was a pool nearby."

Tarrant कहा "It's been around since 1865. I have an idea."

Alice कहा "What?"

Tarrant कहा "You should...
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