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Alice- Alice Kingsleigh

The Mad Hatter- Tarrant Hightopp

The Red Queen- Iracebeth of Crims

The White Queen- Mirana of Marmoreal

The Knave of Hearts- Ilosovic Stayne

Tweedledee/Tweedledum- *The Same Names*

The White Rabbit- Nivens McTwisp

The Cheshire Cat- Chessur

The Caterpillar- Absolem

The March Hare- Thackery Earwicket

The Dormouse- Mallymkun

The Dodo- Uilleam

The Bloodhound- Bayard Hamar

The Jabberwock- The Jabberwocky

"Glossary of Underland Terms"

Bandersnatch- a creature under the control of the Red Queen

Brillig- 4 o'clock in the afternoon the time आप begin broiling things for dinner

Crims- the central land of Underland

Downal wyth Bluddy Behg Hid- "Down with the Red Queen" the slogan of the Resistance

ezel- high, go up

fairfarren- farewell, "May आप travel far under fair skies"

Frabjous day- the दिन Alice slays the Jabberwocky and frees Underland from the oppression of the Red Queen

frumious- filthy with a very bad smell

Futterwacken- a dance of unbridled joy

gallymoggers- crazy

Gribling- the दिन Alice will return to Underland

guddler's scut- thief's ass

Gummer Slough- a dangerous swamp of thick viscous mud

Horunvendush Day- the दिन the Red क्वीन took control of Underland

Jabberwocky- a deadly creature, the Red Queen's ultimate weapon

Jubjub Bird- a flying creature under the control of the Red Queen

kiotchyn- heads up, pay attention

naught for usal- it's no use trying

noge- go low down

nunz- don't go - not now.

Oraculum- a Calendar of all the days of Underland, each दिन having its own शीर्षक and illustration.

orgal- to the left

Outlands- an untamed land to the west of Witzend

Outlandish- an old language spoken only in the Outlands adopted द्वारा the Underland underground resistance as a secret code in the revolution against the Red Queen.

Pishsalver- potion that makes one shrink

Queast- a land to the east, but not in the least

Quillian- the following दिन after Alice returns

saganistute- a wise person of कविता and vision

Salazen Grum- a port city where the Red क्वीन lives

shukrn- excrement

sloth- slowly

stang- right

slurvish- selfish, self-centered

Snud- southern Underland

Tulgey Wood- a thick wood where Alice meets the Jabberwocky

Underland- the real name for the place Alice calls Wonderland

Upelkuchen- cake that makes one grow

slurking urpal slackush scrum- dirty words of the most foul meaning.

Witzend- a western land where the Mad Hatter and March खरगोश, हरे were born.

yadder- far away - way yadder the Crossling in Snud.

zounder- behind you!
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First of all: This is not mine, this is an opinion लेख that I found in Live Journal and "princessatta" wrote it... Please read, it`s very interesting


Sometimes there are ships which defy all logic and are nonsensical. They transcend all time and translation. Or, in the case of Alice Kingsleigh and Tarrant Hightopp of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Time is killed altogether so that the ship can have a chance! Welcome to the ship that is Hatter/Alice (or Halice).

A Little History Behind Them

The idea of shipping Alice and the Mad Hatter is most indeed one that is curiouser and...
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