I was half asleep half awake lying on my stomach. I could feel Jason’s cold fingers slowly moving up and down my bare back. He was humming a lullaby but I didn’t know what it was.
“Do आप still want to know my secret?” he asked in a soothing tone. It didn’t help that his voice so soft that it made it harder to stay awake. “Sure.” I कहा moving closer to him.
“I’ve none आप before आप were born.” He paused a second. Probably to make sure I wasn’t going to freak out. “I was फ्रेंड्स with your mother before आप were even born before your mother met your father. I met her when she was your age. We were फ्रेंड्स till she realized I wasn’t ageing. She asked and begged me why I wasn’t but I just told her it was her imagination, but she was right I wasn’t aging.” I didn’t really understand what he was saying but that could have been because I was half asleep but I never really understood what he was saying most of the time.
“I finally decided I had to tell her because one दिन she was going to be old and wrinkly and I was still going to be in my twenties, well द्वारा what people saw me as, in reality I was some where in my nineties. Do आप remember were I took आप yesterday?” I turned my head so I could see his crystal white face. “Yeah.”
“Well I brought your mom there and we spent the whole दिन hanging out doing nothing really. Night came and I took her into the cave and I told her this same story. She didn’t believe me but she thought I was a crazy person so she took off. I mean I could have gone after her if I wanted to but I didn’t I just let her. I haven’t seen her since.”
“I just want आप to know that I’m different from my mother not many thing freak me out. So are आप going to tell me what आप are या not?”
He lied back down on his back and stared at the ceiling. “I’m just scared that if I tell आप you’ll do what your mother did.”
I moved my body to lay on चोटी, शीर्ष of his stomach. “You don’t have to tell me right know आप can tell me when the time comes.”
I looked at my clock on my TV and it कहा twelve and I looked out my windows to see light streaming threw the edges of the shades.
“I should probably should get up and get dressed considering tomorrow I have to go to work.” I कहा to my self and to him.
I got out of बिस्तर and put my बाथरोब, स्नान वस्त्र, bathrobe on and walked to the रसोई, रसोईघर before I was even out of my bedroom Jason was in the kitchen. I walked over to my coffee maker and stared to make some when I felt a something cold लपेटें around my body. Jason wrapped his arms around me and stared चुंबन my neck. I turned around to किस him.
“SURPRISE!” I jumped at the yelling. We both turned to see who it was. Standing in my door way was my mother, father, Katelyn, and Joe. I looked at my mother whose face looked like stone. She was paler then Jason which I didn’t think was possible.
“What are आप four doing here?” I asked stepping away from Jason remembering that my mother knew Jason and apparently didn’t like him anymore.
Katelyn lifted her eyebrow and stared at me चोटी, शीर्ष from bottom. She walked over to me. “Well आप कहा that आप would be my maid of honor, right?” I shuffled around in my head. “Yeah I remember but why are आप all here?”
“I was going to pick out my bridesmaid dresses and get them fitted. Lindsey, Sammy and Taylor are at the hotel unpacking and your parents कहा they were going to surprise आप and I wanted to come and Joe wanted to see आप so he came to.” She looked over my shoulder at Jason and then back at me with a little grin. “But it looks like your kind of busy.”
Jason was at my side fully dressed. “I should probably go.” I looked back at him and nodded, knowing that was the best thing. He kissed my on my cheek and was out of my apartment.
I looked back at my mother who was फ्रोज़न in place. It seemed like my mother and I are the only people who know what’s going on. She was staring that the door like she just saw a ghost walk threw it.
“Do आप know?” she asked. “His secret? No. That आप knew him? Yes, I know all that.” She turned back to me. “I don’t want आप to ever speak to him again.”
I stepped in front of Katelyn. “One आप don’t have control over me any और and two what ever happened between आप two has nothing to do with me.” I कहा my arms crossed over my chest.
I looked over at the door and Sammy, Lindsey and Taylor were there. “Hey don’t start.” Katelyn told but my mother just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.
“You listen to me I’m your mother so I still do have control over आप and they man is crazy.” As she talked she pointed out the door. I couldn’t take it any और I just screamed.
“Hey is everything okay in here?” I hadn’t realized that my door was still open and Ritchie lived right अगला to me.
“Yeah everything’s fine.” I कहा walking towards my little kitchen. “Okay, हे Clair was wondering if आप wanted to go shopping with her today so आप might want to call her.” “Thanks. Bye.”
“Wow Anna आप sure know some hot guys around here. Who was that?” I turned around with a smile on my face beyond happy that the subject had changed. They all walked over to the island for some coffee.
“Well that was Ritchie he’s my अगला door neighbor were just friends, and this morning they guy that आप saw first Jason he was just some one I met…” I paused because I could tell them the first time I met him was in my apartment. “Was at a cook out and I guess आप can say were dating.” I saw my mom flinch when I कहा the word dating.
“Okay so do आप know what theme रंग your weddings going to be?” I asked Katelyn and Joe but manly Katelyn. “Well I was thinking white and maybe a light blue या a dark blue but I guess I would have to look at the bridesmaid dresses because I want them to mach.”
I looked at Joe who look like he didn’t really want anything to do with the dresses.
“So this Jason, do आप think he’s the one?” Lindsey asked making quotations with her fingers in the air when she कहा “The One.”
“I don’t know I’m only eighteen.” They all looked at me like I was saying something crazy. “Annabella you’ve been the one out of all five of us that’s been ready to get married when we were dating so don’t start with us.” Katelyn remembers ever thing. Like I bet आप if I asked her things about when we were in kindergarten she’d remember every detail.
The दिन went द्वारा slowly. It seemed to go द्वारा slower with out Jason. I don’t know why maybe because I wasn’t having fun and when I was with him I always did. या it could have been because I just missed him. I really hope what I कहा last night he didn’t take seriously.
Katelyn ended up picking out a light blue for the wedding colors. The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. There a light blue and then at the they fade into a white going down towards the bottom of the dress. Its strap less and goes down to are knees. There going to have there wedding at the end of July, even though they just got engaged.
Thought threw all of this the most irritating thing was when I was getting fitted for my dress Sammy brought out Jason again and first it started off with आप should bring him to the wedding as a date, then they started threatening me द्वारा saying that there were going to force Matthew to be my तारीख, दिनांक and he is just a little to hands on for me and he’s rude and inconsiderate.
So I just कहा that I would bring him I was still dating him. They started planning my wedding and were I should live and kids and further up. I eventually just stopped talking and let them have there fantasy. I mean I प्यार Jason to death I knew that when I first met him but I don’t know about marrying him. I don’t know how he would feel about this.
They dropped me off at my apartment. God marriage? Could I even do it I mean I remember that was all I thought about when I was growing up but know that it could happen do I really want it to happen? I don’t know. I walked to my door and leaned my head agents it for a couple सेकंड्स then I finally got my keys out of my pocket and unlocked it.
I walked inside and there were candles making a path to my बिस्तर room and गुलाब making the path. The house smelled like गुलाब and vanilla. I threw my पर्स on the chair अगला to me and put my hands on my hips and smiled.
I jumped द्वारा my door being shut. “Good evening Anna, how was your day?” Jason was know wrapping his arms around my stomach whispering in my ear. “Slow and boring.” I कहा dazed because of the sent that was coming from his sweet breath. Then he let go, I wanted to grab him and pull him close but I could react fast enough.
“What did आप guys do?” he कहा grabbing my hand and walked me towards my bedroom.
“Well I wasn’t really paying any attention to anything. Until I had to when I was getting fitted for my dress. They started talking about आप and me getting married and having kids. That’s what there seemed to talk about most of the time, I just told them I didn’t know how आप felt about it and the age difference and I’ve only none आप for a couple days…” I wasn’t able to finish because a pair of cool lips touched mine.
“You may have only none me for a couple of days but I’ve none आप all your life and I would marry आप as soon as आप wont.” He lifted my face so I could see his. “Because… I प्यार you.”
At that point my दिल had stopped beating I didn’t know what to say. Instead I kissed him with और passion then I thought was possible. He stopped for only a सेकंड an slid off his shirt. Underneath it was pale white skin with a six pack. He kissed me again and slowly he slid his hands down my arms to my hips and grabbed my butt and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him and wrapped my arms around his neck.
He slowly and carefully slid my कमीज, शर्ट off. Then kissed me again. He walked into my room and laid me on my bed. He walked over and shut the door and walked back to me and kissed me again.
I stretched and I was sore. I turned over to see Jason lying on the बिस्तर staring at the ceiling. I crawled over to lie on his stomach but he didn’t हटाइए one bit. I looked up at the ceiling thinking I missed something but nothing was there.
I realized what दिन it was, my first दिन of work I couldn’t wait to get ready though I was upset at the fact that I wasn’t going to be spending all दिन with Jason. I looked over at the clock and it कहा 2:30 AM.
“Hey Jason…” he put his hand over my mouth. He sat up and took my hands.
“I don’t care what your mother says but I need to tell आप my secret.” He talked but didn’t look at me.
“Okay tell me.” I कहा lifting his head up to look at me. His cold skin was starting to sooth me instead of make me jump from it.
“The speed, the cold skin, the not eating… human food, the sunglasses and covering up from the sun is because I’m…” “You sound like your describing a vampire.” I कहा laughing.
He looked at me but like he was humiliated द्वारा something. “What?” “Well I guess अगला time all I have to do is tell आप everything together and आप can figure it out.” I looked at him confused. I didn’t get it.
“Anna I’m… a … vampire.” I looked at him. I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth it looked like he was but I couldn’t be sure. I mean I believed in all that but… well it explained a lot. But why didn’t he explode into flames in the sun like the old myths या sparkle in the sun like in the Twilight book?
“Okay so then why don’t आप sparkle या explode into flames in the sun?” he laughed at me as I got up to get ready for work. I knew he wasn’t lying but I wasn’t scared either. There must be something wrong with me.
“Well all those या most of the old ledges and myths aren’t really true, I don’t sleep in a coffin in fact I don’t sleep at all, I don’t explode into flames या sparkle those were just people imagination it really just wears me down and sometimes if it’s to bright I can hurt my eyes. Garlic taste good on पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा well that’s what I heard, crosses make good necklaces and house decorations, and stakes just paralyze us it doesn’t kill us the same with silver, we do heal fast in fact when we get hit with a bullet the skin just closes up over it so we need to get them out.”
I walked over to the बिस्तर buttoning up my shirt. “Why don’t आप just leave them in?” he got up to get dressed. “Well आप try going threw a meddle detector with them in you” I laughed at that comment. “I guess your right.”
He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “You took this a bit better then your mother did.” He whispered in my ear.
“So how do आप die then?” I asked turning around to face him. “And do आप have fangs?”
“How do I die? आप have to burn me या cut my head off.” I was a little grossed out द्वारा that. “And…” he answered my सवाल all right. In his mouth now were two fangs.
“Yes I drink human blood but I kill humans I have a friend that works at the morgue and he drains out the bodies and gives me blood.” “What type do आप like?” he smiled at me and in a blink of an eye his fangs were gone. “A B negative.”
I could feel my eyes getting bigger. That was my type. Oh great. “I like others but those are my favorite.”
An घंटा later I was ready and we went to get my something to eat. Turns out he lied to me he has a big beautiful apartment and it has secret compartment that hides all his vampire stuff. So we ended up at his house so he could get something to eat. We talked and then to work I went.