This story was based upon Moonlight in a way.

I’m finally on my own, alone. I just turned eighteen a couple of months पूर्व and I got a job offer in Los Angeles California. I’ve been लेखन since I could write and when I reached junior high I joined the new paper and I did the same in high school and in my सेकंड साल of high school I was offered a job as a reported for the Salem New Hampshire news paper and I accepted. My job threw the years had grown and now that I’m done high school I can take the job offer.
    Ya my parents were pissed when the found out I wasn’t going to collage but if आप think about it I was only going to go because I wanted to be a reporter and I got that before I ended high school so if आप think about it I only have to go to collage if I get fired या quit from my job now. It took a couple months to pack all my stuff but it happened and I’m on my way to California right now.

    Okay were am I, I know I’ve been to New York and Ohio and I was just या am in Illinois… wait MISSOIRI. Okay I know were I am. Maybe I should start पढ़ना the signs that are around me. I don’t have the best sense of directions; I get that from my mother. I was thinking to my self every thing like what it was going to be like living a walk away from the Pacific Ocean and the people there the heat was defiantly something I couldn’t wait for. Living in New Hampshire the only heat आप got was in the summer and some days it could be beautiful in the morning and when lunch hits there could be a huge thunder storm and then in the after noon it could be gorgeous but it would be soaking wet and the only thing my mother would let us do it go swimming. I was the only person in my family that could wear black pants and a black long sleeve कमीज, शर्ट out in the sun with the tempter of a hundred and be fine.
    Déjà vu was something I got very often and it was right… most of the time. But I was felling it again. Here only in Missouri, why? Did I know some one here? Have I been here? I was driving know were I wasn’t heading to the high way I was fallowing my senses. I stopped when I came to a little lake. There were little kids splashing in the water and laughing the parents were sitting in the shade watching them या पढ़ना doing something. I took my shoes off and walked over to the sand. It was hot but to be it was just a nice दिन out no to cold या to hot. I walked to the waters edge. The water lightly slid over the चोटी, शीर्ष of my feet and I was gone. Every one in the water was gone but for…me and a boy about the same age I was at the time. Great another flash back vision. I was watching not remembering what या when this happened. I could feel something bad about to happen but yet we all looked happy. Every thing was fine minuets passed and nothing happened. I was about to snap myself out of it when I saw a figure in the trees. I’ve never seen him before, have I? No. I was just about to fallow him but I was snapped out of it and back on the समुद्र तट just like before. I looked over to where I had seen the man and walked over to the forest end. Nothing.
    “Annabella?” I stopped froze. Maybe I did know some one that was here. “Yes?” I turned around to face a familiar face I hadn’t seen in years. I had a huge smile spreading across my face and I walked toward her. “Grandma.” I had my arms open for a hug. “I knew there was a reason I had to stop a while here.” my grand mother had a smile on her face and held my with her hands on my arms. “Another feeling?” she asked wrapping her arm around my shoulder to walk into the shade. “Ya and I just had one of those flash back visions like आप get.” We were sitting on two fold up chairs she had brought for her and grandpa and from what I could tell grandpa was busy playing with the little kids in the lake.
    Grandma was the only family member I could relate to, because she got the visions like me I apparently get it from my dad’s side of the family. But she was there when I first got them. In fact I lived here with my grandparents for a little bit when I first got this “gift”, and that’s why I had to stop because I remembered this place subconsciously. I remember when ever something happened या if I was bored my grandma would take me here and we would just sit in the water and talk.
    “Grandma did I know any one ells here like a male adult?” No आप don’t remember आप only had a couple of फ्रेंड्स and they lived in the neighbor हुड, डाकू and the only male adult आप really knew was your grandfather. Why?” I was looking at the forest and then looked back at my grandmother to see that she was confused. “I was just wondering that’s all.”
    We talked for ever and it started to get dark and I was getting hungry. “I would प्यार to stay and talk for ever but I have to get something to eat and start back to California.” I stood up was about to say good bye to my grandpa but I was cut off “Why don’t आप come back to are house and आप can eat there for free and get a comfortable night sleep and then leave tomorrow unless your on a deadline. I smiled at her and gave her a tight hug. “I would प्यार to.” She smiled back at me and yelled out to Grandpa. “Wendell your granddaughter is staying over tonight.” He stood up and walked towards us “Great that gives me and excuse to make my Zucchini Salad.” He walked up to me and wrapped his arm around me and hugged my tight. “Yes I haven’t had that in years.” I कहा giving him a huge.
    I drove my car to there house and we cooked out in the night.
“How old are आप now.” My grandfather asked over at the grill. I leaned my head back so I could see him “Eighteen two months ago.” They both looked at me in shock. “Wow I thought आप were turning sixteen two moths पूर्व I was off द्वारा a couple of years.” My grandma said. “So why आप to California?” I turned in my chair trying to get comfortable. “I got promoted and I have to go to California. Instead of doing stories for a small town I get to write for a city. It was good timing to because I got the offer a week before I turned eighteen, though mom and dad aren’t to happy about me not going to collage but I don’t see a point I would just be quitting my job to do the same thing I’m doing right know I told them that if I stop doing this job I will be going to collage but I’ve been doing this for a very long time so I think I’m good plus I never really liked school so this works out good for me.” “Wow so आप have every thing planed out don’t you?” I took a sip of नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी and smiled and my grandpa. “Yep and I’m going to be living in a nice apartment a half a mile away from the समुद्र तट so with me loving to swim and the heat every thing just seems to be perfect but it’s like it’s to perfect like something bad is going to happen and rune everything.” Grandpa shut the grill चोटी, शीर्ष and walked over to us with a bowl full of his famous Zucchini Salad. “Well luck seems to be on your side right know just enjoy it while it last.” “Ya I know I learned that from आप two.”
    We ate and talked for three और hours after and went inside. We talked about what was going to happen when I got to Los Angeles and that when I go घर to visit my family I would have to stop in Missouri to visit them.
    “Here आप go आप can sleep on the pull out सोफ़ा, सोफे tonight. We still have a couple of blankest आप use to sleep with when आप lived with us and two pillows. आप do still sleep with two pillows right?” I smiled and nodded my head as I walked to the fridge to get a cold drink. “Why don’t आप guys have the air conditioning on?” grandma raised one eyebrow and looked at my grandfather “He refuses to buy a new one he keeps saying he can fix it but it’s been a महीना and he can’t get it fixed.” I walked over to the तालिका, टेबल and set my drink down and walked over to it. “Can I have a screwdriver?” My grandfather walked over to his tool box and walked it over to me. In a matter of सेकंड्स it was working and on. “Look at that आप granddaughter can fix it in सेकंड्स and आप can’t fix it in a month,” she कहा hitting with the back of her hand on his chest. “Well we all know that didn’t come from are side of the family.” I laughed and hugged them good night.
    I walked into the bathroom and took my clothes off and turned to water on to cold. The water felt good considering I was hot and sticky and I smelt. I got changed and headed back to the बिस्तर and pulled out my note book and wrote down every thing that I had done to दिन including my flash back vision from how delicious the my grandfathers Zucchini सलाद was and then stuffed it back into my little duffle bag.
    That night was the best night sleep I had ever had since I started this trip. Sleeping in my car wasn’t comfortable because it was small and most of the beds in the motels weren’t comfortable and I didn’t have enough money to sleep in a hotel every night. One night would be about half of my money I had for खाना and gas and for motels.
    My eyes slid open slowly to face the blinding sun that was right on my face. I stretched and then I caught the smell. My grandmother was making her French toast. That was my प्रिय thing to eat in the morning when I lived here. I still have it every other morning except for the last couple of weeks I’ve been eating at diners and fast खाना places. It was good to smell खाना that wasn’t made my sweaty old guys in the kitchen.
    “Good morning. Where’s grandpa?” Grandma was moving things around in the fridge to find something. “Oh he’s out in the गेराज playing with his car. Go take a शावर, शॉवर and then come back down to eat. Okay sweetie?” I nodded and started to walk to the stairs. I stopped remembering that when I lived here that he was working on a car too. I turned to face my grandma. “Wait is it the same car that he was working on when I lived here?” She put her hands on her hips and smiled at me. “Yes every morning before breakfast and ever night before and after रात का खाना he works on it.” I smiled amused at the fact that it had been और then eighteen साल and he was still working on the car.
    I took a cool शावर, शॉवर this morning to a little warming but still cold. I brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a टट्टू tail and then twirled it into a bun to get my hair off my neck because of the heat it would just make me hotter. I slipped on my knee long brown shorts and a plane dark green tang-top. I walked down to the रसोई, रसोईघर and the खाना wasn’t finished so I decide to go see how much work my grandpa had gotten done on the car.
    As I walked towards that car there was some one ells in there he was leaning right up agents the roof of the car. He was shirtless and had shorts on and had a cup of नारंगी, ऑरेंज रस in his hands. I was half way to the गेराज and screamed out to my grandfather. “Still working on the car ha?” my grandfather slid from under the car and the shirtless guy turned around and I looked up and him and froze right there the सेकंड I saw him.
    “No way Mitch?” he recognized me and smiled. “Oh my gosh.” I ran right to him and jumped right into his arms “It’s so good to see आप again it’s been nine years since the last time I saw you. आप look great. What are आप doing here? How have आप been? Did आप go and see the world like आप कहा आप wanted to?” He just looked at me and softly laughed. Mitch was twelve when I was nine he was the अगला door neighbor before we moved to the neighbor हुड, डाकू that my grandparents are currently living in.
    “Ya I know it’s been to long. I come here every morning and help your grandfather with the car since आप went back home, I’ve been great everything’s been good for me and unfortunately I never got the chance to see the world like I hoped. How about आप how have आप been?” I was still shocked to see him I was having a hard time focusing. “Great, umm actually I got a job down in LA and I just stopped here to say hi to my grandparents.”
    “Breakfast is ready.” I heard my grandma holler from the रसोई, रसोईघर window. “I can’t believe आप remembered him but yet आप can’t remember that आप lived here for five years.” “Well my life has been very busy plus I was young I don’t even remember where I was two days ago.” Breakfast was great and I told Mitch everything I had done since he last saw me and where I was heading he told me about how he was now engaged and has a baby girl on the way. I couldn’t believe everything I was hearing he did everything.
    I packed up my stuff that I used and threw it in my car. “I प्यार आप guys.” I कहा standing right in front of my car door. I hugged them all goodbye and promised to visit soon. I got in my car a drove out of the drive way and blew then a किस before I turned the corner.
    I plugged in my I-pod to my car and turned up the volume. I had All time low’s Poppin Champagne and McFly’s Lie some Jesse McCartney’s new stuff and all the Backstreet Boys संगीत a couple और artist were blaring from my car. I decide to turn off my air conditioning and open the two front window’s. I was now on my way to Kansas and heading to California.