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posted by black_flower123
Along time ago,there was a spirit which had the power to control ice.This spirit came in a form of a cat.The cat was as big as a fully grown horse.When it came to it's limit, it was forced into sealing its self into a human to live.
So it decided to सील, मुहर its self into a newborn baby so it could live longer.The spirit was close to a village and herd the cries of a newborn.So it went towards the cring not relizing that it entered the uchiha clan.
When the village was asleep it managed to sneak into the house where it herd the cring.There it saw the newborn baby fast asleep.With all the power the spirit had left and sealed itself inside the child.
As soon as the spirit was completely sealed in the child,the baby began to cry.The parents rushed in and saw masive amounts of ice every where.As soon as they looked at their child,they relized that she had a some sort of spirit inside her.

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posted by black_flower123
After Itachi leaves(to शामिल होइए the akatsuki), Orchimaru finds Akira hidding from any ninja that might try to kill her when she see's a mysteryous man in a tridional japanese robe."Oh no! I don't want to die!" wispers Akira
"What a tragety!"says Orochimaru
Akira stares at Orchimaru. Silance for 5 seconds...
"You know its useless for me to help आप if आप don't talk back child."said Orochimaru
"...Help?..."Akira responed
"Yes I'll help,but your gonna have to answer me when I talk to आप alright!?"said Orochimaru "Follow me if आप want to live my dear."
"...Ok!"Akira कहा with a smile on her face
As they walk out of the village,Akira askes"So Mr whats your name?"
"Since you'll be working for me now,you'll adress me as Lord Orochimaru."Orochimaru answered
"I'm Akira Uchiha."says Akira

-sorry for any spelling mistakes
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added by black_flower123
added by black_flower123