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हे everyone! Recently, A soap box was added to this spot. My black life द्वारा user IsabellaAzuria, told us what she fells inside. Whoever, I think our problems can ne solved easly if we have help. So to help IsabellaAzuria AKA Vanessa, I'm going to dedicate this poem that I wrote about 2 months ago, to her. To दिखाना her that life has collors and it is not black.

Life is a gift
A rare one    
I got to live every second
Since the time आप are born

आप got to live it not to waste it
This is the only one आप have
There’s no re-born या re-incarnation
If आप don’t know how to behave

Life is short
So live it good
Whatever is your mood

Don’t be shy have some fun
So your life will shine
As brighter as the sun

Sephisis17 AKA Vitor Martins
Dedicated to Vanessa
Many people feel that प्यार hurts...that it's only gonna bring pain and sadness. But to tell आप the truth...love won't do that. प्यार is when everything is perfect and no matter how bad your दिन is आप still find a reason to smile because आप feel like आप have the most amazing person in your life. Yeah आप may be going through some problems in this relationship but let me tell आप something...Love conquers all. No matter how bad the situation is आप can get through it together. Don't let a silly little argument या what anyone says about your relationship go in front of your judgement on your own relationship. And I'm going to give सलाह to those people who लॉस्ट someone and sees that person with someone else...Listen if आप truly loved them आप would let them be happy with whoever. Don't interfere. आप will be happy and so will they. And plus it will give आप peace at mind. Dream Big. प्यार Forever. Live like today is your last day
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So here's my problem.
There is this guy I have known for a long time and he's nice. I mean he's nice. He has had a crush on me for the longest time. I have rejected him 3 times. Since then he has still tried to get out of the friend zone box. He कहा to one of his फ्रेंड्स if I dated him I would solve 99 percent of his problems and I was right there so I कहा I will make आप 99 और problems. After that he still hasn't दिया up. He left for a trip and now he is back from it. I don't want him to think I am a jerk. So what should I say to him?
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I प्यार this song, and this was the best video I could find, even though it's a प्रशंसक video.
friend of mine
suicide help
eve 6
Not the real video, but really good. See comment.
संगीत video
artist in the रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस
Short film based on the hit song द्वारा Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's free to wear Sunscreen. Please visit sunscreenmovie.com for और information and to suppprt the film.
baz luhrmann
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Stranger: Tell me what's troubling you
You: Life -.-
Stranger: What about it?
You: Drama D:
Stranger: like what
Stranger: I got nothing better to do, fill me in
You: Well, see, I have a friend, that I really like...
Stranger: And?
You: He doesn't feel the same...):
Stranger: Such is life
Stranger: Plenty of मछली in the sea, que sera sera
Stranger: What will be will be
Stranger: You'll be okay
You: (:
Stranger: Uh..okay
Stranger: Was that it?
You: Well, he acts like we're going out, its strange.
Stranger: What do आप mean?
You: I always hang out with him at school, and once school finishes, he'd किस me goodbye...
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