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adventure time
hunson abadeer
it came from the nightosphere
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NOTE: This is what I think of Adventure Time. Please don't judge my options.

Adventure Time is one of the most loved cartoon series known. Unlike other overrated कार्टून like Ben 10, Adventure Time has action, adventure, comedy, romance and drama. Mix it well and see before your very eyes.


Materials needed:

5 different genres
2 awesome protoganists
3 प्यार interests
1 funny anatogonist
1 good plot


Mix all materials and watch before your eyes!

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Chapter 7: - Chatting is the Best Policy -
Finn and Marceline are chatting each other in Face Book that Finn`s post picture in their laptop. Suddenly Princess Bubblegum saw their chatting, Princess शामिल होइए at their conversation;
Princess: Hi Finn हे Marceline! Finn  Marceline:*
Finn: Hi Princess, do आप want to join?
Princess: Oh, Yes I do Finn! 
Marceline: Ahem, Excuse Me.
Finn: Oh, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum शामिल होइए to our conversation, Come on Let`s Continue!
Princess: हे Finn, I`m going to wash my hands because my hands are full of Chemical, But I’m online so just wait for a minute. ...
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--->No, I'm not leaving. This is a friggin प्रशंसक fiction about BMO. An angst one though.

When I was born, I realized that I was just copying a human being. Even so, I lived my life to the fullest with my two best friends-Finn and Jake. I didn't care if I was meant to be a toy and nothing else. I heaved a sigh and decided to live my life like a real human being.
But then I realized I didn't have any real दिल with all these wires and electrical energy inside me. And that I can never go back to where I used to be. When everybody forgot me, I लॉस्ट my mind.
What I saw in the end was...
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