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the scene start with an alarm ringing at 06:00 AM so finn and jake wake up,so they get ready for school,so theyre कहा bye to joshua and margaret (their parents)
while in the way,they met bonnibel,so they walk together,when they walk in the corridor,they met tiffany,finn's enemy from other class,
tiffany:well well,who is it now(intimidate)
finn:what do आप want now tiffany
tiffany:oh i'm just pass द्वारा and (suddenly confront finn)
finn:what the.. आप shrimphead!
so they had a great fight jake helps finn and bonnibel just watch them fight and finn wins,tiffany runs to his class
finn:yea run आप wimp
so the go to the class

to be continued
ps:sorry for the bad english,i'm just a kid from jakarta
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