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 Finn and Jake
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adventure time
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
here's a story i'm sure will be an insight,
about a kid who decided to put up a fight,
so he travelled down to the land of the damned,
with a new sword, a shield, and a simple thing planned.

so he crossed his eyes as a retarded man does
in a corner in his house till his vision was like fuzz
the portal opened up as it had before
but this portal was only a one-way door

he went down there with only one a single task
to put his foot straight up grim reaper's ass
so he went down there with cold blooded steel
that in many ways had a demonic sorta feel

once he was down there there was no turning back
only way...
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posted by DerpThatHerp
This is a प्रशंसक fiction of when the Lich was out of the amber पेड़ in Ooo Billy is dead and Finn was born (inception much). It is based around Finn

Ooo is war-torn from destruction
Finn: Come on Pb आप have to get out of here!!!
Finn,Jake and Pb are running towards the door Finn ready to breach it
Finn: 3....2...1 GO
30 मिनटों EARLIER
The पेड़ house is breaking apart
Jake: Finn we have to get out of here
Finn:Get BMO!!!
They run outside to see that their house that they live in has been destroyed as they know it
Finn: *sob*
Jake: *sob*
Finn: we have to check on the कैन्डी kingdom
*bombs are hitting the...
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
it was crafted द्वारा a low level Blacksmith with high level dreams. he it was his first sword he had made as a full time Blacksmith and not just an Apprentice. he crafted it to be sold to a high end adventurer in hopes of getting his name heard around town as a great sword maker. the merchant had already payed for it but money was not his primary concern... he wanted fame as a legendary Blacksmith, but the adventurer never came and he was stuck with it...

years past...
he was tired after a दिन of creating new swords and armor and decided to go through his old sword scrap pile... most of them had...
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posted by ATFan1

Finn and Marceline walked along the path leading through the forest. How overjoyed he was! After their first night together, Finn’s प्यार for this damsel began to know no boundaries. Whenever his eyes fell on her his दिल skipped a beat. How could he ever stay away from this queen, this embodiment of beauty? He was the only one to actually look beyond her marvellous figure, and into that soul, that poor lonely soul, once cursed to never taste love. Now it had finally found someone who adored it. Oh, sweet heaven, with all your singing...
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 the choices
the choices
As आप all know i ship FinnXFP so आप know that Flame Princess is the one i would pick... but i have reasoning behind my pick besides the obvious "i want them to be together." या "they're so cute as a couple." reasons that everybody uses.
i will back up my claim with reasoning and discredit the other choices with reasoning. first i will discredit.

Bubblegum: now most people like to use the "she's too old for him" reason but that's not a very good reason because when finn turns 18 then age is no longer the issue. Finn is either 14 या 15 now and it's only a few short years before he catches up...
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Finn lays on the roof of his house,staring up at the clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful दिन out despite what'd happened earlier to the young blonde boy at school earlier in the day. He wiped tear stains from his eyes and cheeks even though tears kept falling. No matter how hard he tried, sometimes Finn just couldn't stop crying. Even though it was the same thing everyday his दिल still ached just the same.
"Hahahahahaha look guys it's one arm!!!" "what a loser he is!!! always eating द्वारा himself!!! he doesn't even have any friends!!!" "probably just another wannabe ईमो loner!!!"...
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Me: For dadadas. Sorry, bro!

Jake loves circuses, but Finn hates them. Jake would always say that he'd run away and शामिल होइए one if he had the chance. So when the circus came into town, आप can bet that Jake was first in line to buy tickets. He even dragged his unwilling bro along to दिखाना him how much fun the circus could be.

And had fun, they did. They enjoyed walking around the carnival, going on rides and stuffing their faces with carnival food. But when the night fell and the giant circus tent lit up for the show, everything changed.

The clown ringmaster...
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Okay so I've watched मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ of Bones, and it was a bit ruined द्वारा the slow Internet connection, but it was enjoyable, fast-paced, destructive and we got to see और from Flame Princess. The episode sort of reminded me of the credits song, "Come Along With Me"

Regarding Flame Princess' character, it improved, या is it because we just exploited और of it. There was the resemblance she had with children, how she wanted things her way and her behavior towards getting to do what she wanted. Her smarts were shown as well. There was this time that gave me impressions that she must be doing her own...
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Thanks to all my प्रशंसकों that read my story!!!!! :D

Fionna's POV
I plopped down on my बिस्तर and stared at the ceiling. I started thinking about how PG saved me. It was so unlikely of him to do that!!!! Why did he do it anyways???? Did he.....care for me??
"Oh, um,yea,hehe........"
"Fionna! Stop zoning out and listen!!!!"
"Ok, fine!!", I say.
I प्रॉप myself up on the bed. I sat there, looking at Cake, zoning out again.
"So, I was walking along Breakfast Kingdom....."
"Is this about Lord Monochromicorn again?", I said. Cake talks about him ALL the time.
"Maybe.....", कहा Cake.
Beemo stared to beep.
"Bath time Fionna!", कहा Beemo.
"Okay Beemo," I said. I walked into the bath room and took a nice, long bath.
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