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To the most beautiful girl I ever knew,
Oh, FP, how could I have been so naïve? Driven द्वारा my stupid childish passion, I wrote that letter, that cursed letter that has caused us so much pain! I would sacrifice anything to undo that! Oh Glob, have आप written my destiny to never be loved द्वारा my one and only soul mate ever again?
My dear FP, I see your image in my dreams. I reach out for you, and awake only to not see आप in my arms. My tears flow like torrents. I cannot recall our last moment of being together without madly crying. During the day, I vainly hope to see your elegant and most breathtaking...
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Now, we all know the लोकप्रिय episode “What Was Missing", but do we know the story behind it????

I read somewhere on the Internet that a man from the Adventure Time crew got fired. Now, why would someone get fired from such a bubbly and entertaining show???

Well, this man was the writer of the episode “What Was Missing?". He was fired because of Lesbian thoughts in the episode. I guess AT and CN though Lesbian thoughts were too innapropriate, so they fired him, and also on YouTube, there is a channel called “Mathmatical" (I think that's the title) and they took the clip/episode off.

The first...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: For dadadas so he won't fuck me. Please enjoy. X3

While doing some research for a रिपोर्ट on her school history, Bonnibel (Yep, that's right-Princess Bubblegum -Emerald) discovered something very disturbing. According to old newspaper लेखाए in the Ooo library, before her school was built over fifty years ago, an orphanage stood in it's place. It was no ordinary orphanage-it was rumored to be haunted.
"Several children claim that they have seen a tall man in a black suit lurking around the orphanage," stated one article.
There were reports of disappearances,...
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posted by Newbiehere13
All credits go to the person in this link:link. I chose to post this straight in the लेखाए and not in the link, because no one clicks on the लिंक्स that much and this message is something we should understand, as a fan.

To all Adventure Time fans: Embrace ALL the qualities of the characters, of all your favourite characters particularly

If your character has issues, don’t feel like they should be changed - accept them.

If Marceline’s your favourite character, embrace her selfishness.

If Ice King’s your favourite character, embrace his greed.

If Finn’s your favourite character, embrace...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: This has something to do with my पूर्व story, Forgive Me, Heart. Of course, PB and Ice King are main characters. ENJOY, as usual. :)

It was the दिन of Flame Princess and Finn's wedding. Ice King came and kidnapped Princess Bubblegum. They arrived in the Ice Castle, and Ice King let Princess Bubblegum go.

"Why did आप kidnap me, Ice King?!" Princess Bubblegum said. "You see, I don't have ANY intention of marrying आप anymore, Princess. I just want आप as my servant." He replied. "Now change in to your maid clothes!" he कहा as he used his magic to...
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*intro*[At first humans and वैंपायर were never meant to be, untill just two thousand years पूर्व but that is why humans started to perish because war broke out between humans and वैंपायर because most वैंपायर saw humans as खाना the others only ate the color red from fruits and berries .The war between humans and वैंपायर was so powerful it caused the to worlds oooo and aaaa to colide killing most of the humans that weren't already killed द्वारा the वैंपायर the war ended one thousand years after it started not many humans were left to this present दिन only two of human ancestry are know to be left...
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Adventure Time Theory: Finn's Past,Part 3

Finn lays depressed in his बिस्तर staring at his ceiling. Each time he got up he forgot Jake would no longer be there to follow him to the bathroom या beg for सैंडविच meat when he opened the fridge. The sad truth was Jake was dead. And he was never coming back. Ever. Finn sighs,he felt like his दिल was crushing his chest. Like he was trapped 1,000 leagues under the sea and he couldn't get back to the surface. "....I can't...do this...." he mutters,going downstairs to the bathroom. Jake had died 4 months पूर्व and he was still depressed about it. He takes...
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posted by Clue22
Finn reminds me a whole bunch of Maxwell, the main character of Scribblenauts The Game of Creating (and Destroying bwuahaha) things to solve puzzles. Like, Maxwell has a little hat thing, but it's red and he has a dot-dot-curve face like Finn, too. His world is basically a कल्पना land (seeing as how anything he writes in his handy dandy notebook comes to life). He doesn't have a partner in crime, but if आप type Maxwell into his notebook, an evil version of him pops up and starts making weird things like a metaphysical neurotic grenade launcher (technically just a fidgety gun that shapeshifts when it dies). The game is fun and I like harrassing the people I conjure.

But yeah, the whole concept of the game and Maxwell remind me of Adventure Time and Finn.
posted by Newbiehere13
Credit goes to Icanhascheezeburger (who I freakin' stalk and don't give permission to when I'm using her articles...I'll probably be assasinated sooner या later. It's just because of her cool लेखाए D:)

Warning: Satire and swearing below. May come across as offensive to some but I’ll try my best to be reasonable. Not being a deliberate jerk after all.

Flinners/Righteous Flames = FPxFinn. They’re okay, but because this is the Canon Ship many of these get super defensive and may bash other ships and characters. These are a lot better behaved on Tumblr than they are on the Adventure Time Wiki,...
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posted by finnlovePB
I know आप just wanna give your little girl the world

But daddy I'm not just your little girl

I've got my own life

I've got my own plans

I hope आप understand

And like the way that I am

'Cause I want your respect

And I want to be here

But I don't want to rule the Nightosphere.

So Finn and Jake
set out to find a new home.
It's gonna be tough
for a kid and a dog on their own.

Here's a little house,
Aw, Finn's stickin' his foot in.
Well, that's a bad idea dude
Cause now that bird thinks you're a jerk, Finn!

And now they're chillin' on the side of a hill!
And thinkin' livin' in a cloud'd be totally thrillin'
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posted by finnlovePB
hello diary im back last night was close jake almost know that i have a diary a lot of people think that PB's too old for me but age don't matter besides marciline's much older oh well i still dont know who will i pick hmm.at फैन्पॉप they have alot of pick about it its been marclline,PB,FP,marcilline,PB,FP,marciline PB,FP again and again and again shall i try and make one?hmmm okay i guess and i think jake also ha a diary shall i try to look for it .oh well good night......................................... finn:where is it! where is it!! where is it!!! jake:what are आप looking for finn,finn:NOTHING
jake:your lying are आप finn:NO jake:OK ill go too sleep
posted by finnlovePB
hello diary this is me finn alot of people being fighting over who would i go with even i,can't choose, i'll think about it hmm how about fp shes hot and at my age but i cant live being always burned, PB too old for me if only there were no नींबू grab she can be 13 forever,marcilline have the same like of adventures but she looks like young but i know she's 1000 years old and have no likes on me hmm who should i choose hmm.......jake:hey finn what are आप doing!!Finn:NOTHING jake:is that your diary finn: NO well whats in there finn:I ALREADY कहा NOTHING jake:*stares on finn*........... works for me good night finn Finn:shooo that was a close one and dear diary jake almost see my diary good night.
posted by marksmen456
"Whoo Hoo!!!" Yelled Finn screaming down a पहाड़ी, हिल made purley of chocolate, Jake was stuffing चॉकलेट down his throat as he slide down the चॉकलेट hill.

"Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm, Brother, This is some awesome chocolate!" Exclaimed Jake, licking चॉकलेट off his fingers.

"You got that right!" कहा Finn back.

"Finn! Jake!" Yelled a Familiar voice.

"Princess Bubblegum!" Exclaimed Finn.

"Oh, there आप two are! Why are आप out here?" She asked.

"Just eating this chocolate." कहा Jake with a smile.

"Yeah, This पहाड़ी, हिल is awesome." Finn Agreed.

"Well, आप two should start heading back soon, The Party of the Kings...
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Princess Bubblegum = The creators weren't expecting a "love relationship" going on in the beginning of the series. This दिखाना is called Adventure Time, so they wanted to start off with adventures and not lovey-dovey stuff. Anyways, a 13 साल old hooking up with a 18 साल old wasen't really age appropriate I guess.

Marceline = I think Marceline was supposed to be और of a challange for Finn and Jake, not a प्यार intrest. Anyways, Marceline dosen't appear in alot of episodes anymore, so we cant learn much और aboout her past such in the episode "Memory of a memory", where we see Marceline with her ex, and her with her dad at the restraunt as her dad was eating her fries. Anyways, Marceline would never hook up with Finn.
''It's Adventure Time,
Come on, grab your friends!
We'll go to very distant lands!
With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human,
The fun will never end, it's ADVENTURE TIME!''

This लेख was way too short so we had to make it longer द्वारा लेखन बिना सोचे समझे X's
So we're all know that Marcy is a thousand years old vampire - former half human and मशरूम war only happened when she was a little girl (less than 10 years old, i think) but there is another human whose name's Finn is just only 14...So why in the present ( which is after मशरूम war 1k years), there is one human left in the land of Ooo(who is Finn) and he is just only 14? There are at least 2 explainations for that:

1.The humans didnt really "get killed" all in the मशरूम war and some of them didnt get mutated after the war, they still re-created pure human generations until about 12 years...
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The word Princess implies that Bubblegum is the daughter of royalty, yet she seems to handle all the duties that a king या क्वीन would normally perform. Then the सवाल is: who are the king and क्वीन of the कैन्डी kingdom, and where are they?
Now, remember that it has been कहा that the world of Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has rebuilt itself into the strange land of Ooo. Bubblegum is one of the few characters who appears to be human. Therefor, if her parents are human too, they could have been destroyed in the apocalypse and she keeps her शीर्षक as princess in order to honor them.
It is also possible that they have gone missing, and Bubblegum doesn't want anyone to know that anything is wrong. She works so hard and has become so talented at science in preparation to rescue them as soon as she gets word of their whereabouts.
posted by IsabellaFanboy
हे buddy! wanna read a Finname story? here आप go X3

Do आप remember the story of a boy and his first date?
She took him to the lake and he fell in love…
She was a princess and he was a hero…
They used to meet up at the lake…
They used to watch the world pass by…

The wind was running… making the leafs fly…
Reminding everybody about the season…

Quite loveable I suppose…

“What do आप think the stars are?” the boy asked, breaking the silence…
“hmm… ” she murmured, it’s quite possible that she never thought about...
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The शीर्षक of this लेख is also a शीर्षक of a मतदान that i have just read and commented.

So,let get this straight. In my opinion,Flame king IS EVIL. Why? The answer is very easy, simple just that u guys dont notice it, आप guys always see him as a GOODDDDDDD father, he always protects his daughter and wants her to have a decent prince to be with her but DONT U GUYS NOTICE THAT HE KILLED HIS BROTHER TO CLAIM THE THRONE, HE ALMOST KILLED FINN & JAKE, HE WANTED that decent prince was a evil prince so that his daughter could be EVIL like him? And when he found out that prince wasnt evil, he...
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FOTM 12:13

okay I'm just saying this is like my other ones. And द्वारा that I mean inception confusing. time difference is revised. But anyway enjoy :) and Merry क्रिस्मस :D

Finn: Jake आप ready?
Jake: For what bro?
Finn: *looking surprised* आप forgot?
Jake: forgot what?
Jake: How did I forget. Merry क्रिस्मस bro.
Finn: आप to Jake. *wrapping up the rest of the presents* *sneaks present behind back*
Jake: Hey. Is that your's
Finn: nn-ooo
Jake: Come on Finn don't lie on Christmas.
Finn: *sigh* *mutters under his breath* It's for Flame Princess.
Jake: For who?
Finn: Flame Princess....
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