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savannarain07 posted on Nov 26, 2015 at 01:07AM
Adele you are an amazing artist. We have been following you and your career for years. Your lyrics voice and lyrics are so beautiful and powerful.
You emote in every way possible.
My kids lost their dad to cancer 2 yrs ago and unfortunately he was unable to write his will. The only home we have know was sold and we are being displaced. We have to be out by December 25th.
We have been listening to your song
"Hello" hoping dad can hear us and our prayers and how much we miss him.

Thank you ADELE for touching us!!!
God bless you and your beautiful voice amd music!!
You are a gift from GOD!!!!!!!

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rosslynch47 said…
adele you have touched my soul and i hope i grow up to be a singer and i can write lyrics as good as yours!!! i love you!!!!