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Landon saw his son walking to the car he looked visibly annoyed. A young blonde girl was talking to him she carried a bible her hair in a टट्टू tail she wore jeans and and hoodie. She reminded him of... Jamie. He sighed as his son sat down in the car. Kevin was 15 and spending this week with him and the अगला with his mom. Anna he had met her in Collage they hadn't worked. ''That Jessie Annoys me sooo much'' he ranted.

''How so?'' Landon asked.

''She so perfect shes so nice, Luke called her a कुतिया, मतलबी today and she just promised to pray for him''. He stopped to take a breath. ''And that bible God''....
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Chapter 4: Meeting the Sullivans

Jill was making waffles, वेफल्स and pancakes, Randy wanted to make plans to talk to Jamie's family.

"Randy?, what are आप doing?" asked Jill

"I'm making plans with Jamie's family, I want आप to meet them"

"Honey I'll प्यार to meet them but I don't think, they don't want to meet us"

"I can see why" Randy कहा looking at the waffles, वेफल्स and the पेनकेक्स shirk. Brad comes down in his old सॉकर uniform and jeans.

"Mom the पेनकेक्स and waffles, वेफल्स shirk again" कहा Brad

"I know" कहा Jill cleaning up the food

"Hey Randy, how do आप feel playing soccer?"

"Can't I'm busy"

"Are आप still working...
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This story is NOT mine! Credit goes to it's rightful owner!

Chapter 1: the visit

Tim was watching football in the house. Mark was walking round listening to Good Charlotte. Jill was looking at paper from her clients. Brad went to
college to become a सॉकर player. Randy was still in Costa Rica. In Detroit's airport Randy was there with his girlfriend Jamie

"I'm very scared about this," कहा Jamie

"Don't worry I hope my parent takes this well" कहा Randy

"I hope so, can we see my dad and my stepmom"

"Do they like jokes?"

"Not really"

"Well this will be great"

At घर Jill came in the living looking at...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Sitting at the pew in church that afternoon, Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of Reverend Sullivan, reached for her Bible, opened it and began to turn the pages, her hazel eyes scanning the words and phrases that she had picked out at बिना सोचे समझे and mentally began studying.

Finally, her eyes lit up with some sparkle when she came to the book of Psalms. She then began to read Psalm 1 up to verse 4.

For some reason that only she knew, Jamie felt that she had to read those verses. She knew that they were very important – both the words and the phrases.

"Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice...
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I know I have to forget आप but my दिल is always searching for you. I have a person here who is द्वारा my side and I know I shouldn't be doing this. But the thought of आप coming back, of hugging me once more...it's a silly thought I know. Forgive me for being the girl I didn't want to be for you, but that was all I could be.

The अगला दिन at school, आप go to hang out with the girls at the cafeteria but आप don't see Lauren there.

Jessica and Tanya: हे Jamie.
Jamie: Hey. Where's Lauren?
Jessica: With the boys. Didn't आप hear? She got back with Randy.
Jamie: Yah...
Tanya: What happened Jamie?
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