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 ह्यूना & Hyunseung
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Though arguably overshadowed at the time of 4minute’s debut as a musical group, leader Jihyun has been catching the widespread attention of प्रशंसकों and netizens for her अभिनय debut and natural beauty. In fact, the latter subject became a hot topic on the Lunar New Year’s special on MBC’s फूल Bouquet, as Jihyun was complimented for her internet fame as the “natural beauty terminator.”

Amid the praises however, B2ST’s Yoseob boldly stated the opposite, telling Jihyun that she actually looked better with make-up. Before anyone gets up in arms about the insulting implications of his...
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Girl group 4minute’s Kwon Sohyun has revealed a cute bizarre picture of herself with her group members recently.

On the 26th, Sohyun पोस्टेड a group picture of the 4minute members posing with their tongue sticking out via Yozm.

In response to this picture, प्रशंसकों showed mixed feelings as they commented, “Woah! What is this,” “Although it’s a grotesque picture it’s still cute” and “Even bizarre picture of 4minute members are cute.”... MY opinion on these picture are the girls can दिखाना their bizarre and funny nature whenever they please, they still look wicked even pulling those faces!

Meanwhile, 4minute is busy with promotions in both Korea and Japan.
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